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Chen Yi marshal uses poem and child to communicate
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Chen Yi marshal is exploit matchless, brilliant in the memory of Chinese people and the character with humorous and magnanimous, humor bosom. Happen in a lot of stories beside him, include the story between he and children to be full of gout, people take delight in talking about.

Special communication

Chen Yi is born in " the home that reads n cultivated land " , his father Chen Changli is read in the brother that be the same as the door most, and painting and calligraphy of chess of ode of poetic word song, musical instrument all gets the better of a person to prepare. This is Chen Yi has the country that comparative to learn a basics probably, also move in above domain uncommon germ! Also be this reason, chen Yi can be between the couple, the special communication pattern that a kind of extraordinary establishs between father and son -- , " the poem is communicated " .

Chen Yi's cornstalk old Hao Su (currently hold the post ofthe whole nation external friendly assist vice-chairman) memory: When father has free time and children to communicate, those who talk about at most is Gu Jinshi word, or the feeling that asks children is made newly to oneself, or with poetic word medium sublime words with deep meaning is opposite filial inculcate.

3 child Chen Xiaolu remembers father using Tang poetry in " by Jun Mo the word seals Hou thing, one will result into 10 thousand bone withered " , describe the hard-earned with successful revolution to children, admonish the meritorious service that they do not want to depend on parents and position, in wanting to put people in memory forever highest locally.

1949 midspring, old Hao Su and little brothers are arrived at from northeast new liberated Shandong Jinan city, and Chen Yi just led a ministry to had hit the Yangtse River at the moment, preparation attacks Shanghai. Hear father recently message, already was elementary school the old Hao Su Sui of 2 grade student wrote a letter to father namely, in the fine of the letter, a when write he and little brother " poetry " copied father.

With a giggle laugh, happy do the yangko dance, mom body is very healthy, father ahead calls victorious battle, crumple up enemy is reactionary clique, a size has reunioned, do you say happy?

After this, family is used to gradually undertake communication with poetry.

1961 summer, of Chen Yi 2 child old Dan Huai (national defence division is versed in now appoint the job) high school graduates, learn in order to taste to hold actor concurrently to recommend institute of project of Harbin military affairs learns (Ha Jun is versed in at that time is China's top-ranking war industry school) . Chen Yi thinks of the son is give far door alone first, behoove uses up father generation to teaching duty, carry a pen to make a poetry then:

Small red goes to northeast, enter a higher school enters war industry. Write a poem to send you to go, in writing down a heart forever. You are a party child, revolution is my wind. You are proletarian, hardworking and thrifty is I. You should learn Ma Lie, politics is much more diligent. You should learn a skill, major should have a good command of. Do not learn fine silk fabrics Ku, become 100 crazy deaf. The teenager should cut Buddhist monastic discipline, the sky in hooligan guest. The body wants hale, moral character is heavy courteous. The job and study, be apt to only then and die a natural death. People fosters you, render meritorious service establishing a thing. If the motherland has difficult, you should make forward. Try see bizzard, particular establish pine. Look again be able to bear or endure freezing, hedge edge grows honeysuckle. After thoroughly tempered, just see the thought is red.
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