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Tender father of Li Lianjie loves unyielding man
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Li Lianjie He Lizhi is not Hong Kong person, but 2 people act art of the career brilliant it is however begin from sweet river. Of Li Lianjie amaze the people with a single brilliant feat " Shaolin Temple " the in harmony that is director of harbor square investment, Hongkong's person piece, 90 time are achieved again brilliant because pat the harbor of Xu Ke, Wang Jing greatly,also produce an action piece. Benefit wisdom is come from inland harbor is participated " inferior elder sister " , result with " champion " attitude kills moviedom, had patted " new optimal take file " , " the tiger goes out more " wait for draw large audiences piece. 1988, benefit wisdom and Li Lianjie because costar " Long Zaitian limit " dark strange sincere feeling, 1991, after Li Lianjie and ex-wife Huang Qiuyan divorce, with benefit wisdom goes, two people marry at was in the United States 1999. Meantime benefit wisdom abandon a film already from business, li Lianjie is hit in Hollywood go all out, perform art circle to estrange increasingly with Hong Kong.
Love female situation is difficult

How does this father teach them? Outstanding young says: "I with each parents same, can give them best education, best teacher, best life, without what special. " the Li Lianjie that develops to already had 3 years in Hollywood, as a result of the foreign country make have the law very much, work 12 hours everyday, work every weeks 5 days, so he has sufficient time and family to get along, outstanding young still discloses, sometimes he still can look after children to take sport to the other place, seem today second pat " Long Zhi is kissed " a short while, he takes madam and child to go France, later he returns inland to pat play to also can look after children arrive a field. Be like he and two daughters that ex-wife Huang Qiuyan gives birth to, by plum mom brings up, 2 people move back and forth with him from pee a field.

Bosom loves female escape from death 4 years old

A 8 people do not have Li Lianjie of Indonesian seismic sea wave to go up in the beach, stay inside the hotel that faces coastal waters margin to rest however. When happening of seismic sea wave, the condition inside the hotel is very critical, seawater emerges ceaselessly from far and near, li Lianjie they also react immediately come over, the plan leaves a public house immediately. When fleeing for his life bustlingly, li Lianjie daughter within an inch of of 4 years old falls, he adopts a daughter immediately, run outwards desperately. At this moment seawater has made all display inside the room, completely float rise, at this moment the furniture that ministry of Li Lianjie foot bumped into to floating, got flesh wound. Fortunately the condition of an injury did not hinder greatly.

Very phlogistic to daughter certainly

Li Lianjie and benefit wisdom love female Li Zhen already a year old half, learn sterling English to let a daughter, li Zhen has begun to be duped the international school of the ground, the dry Mom that occupies Li Zhen to too divulge, li Lianjie's couple is very severe to daughter certainly, day is forward too when upgrade sea visits them, take out a candy to give dry daughter, li Zhen bit, excitement gets happy to dance, he Lizhi of original Li Lianjie forbids a daughter to take candy, to too those who give her is the first candy in its life, pardonable excitement is ineffable.
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