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Chinese badminton is presiding singles forest red
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A lot of people can change life contrail because of the environment, still a few people can choose the life actively, hind the dream that one part person leaves because of this he is true is closer, also leave true oneself are closer. Lin Dan belongs to latter, if do not have him as a child active, clinging choice, also won't have today's Lin Dan. when inside collect, undemonstrative, add long and thin finger, this is born in Fujian Xi Longyan's a mountainous area the Hakkas little boy is pushed be not to artistic road baffling. Lin Dan follows in one's childhood a lot of child are same at that time, learned to have piano below parental arrangement. Nevertheless, of in one's heart clever however with musical instrument this is planted Wen Ya's thing is antipathetic.

Cannot produce the Lin Dan of interest from beginning to end to music, produced a kind of ineffable close move to entering the badminton of eye however. See young associate plays a ball game, elated ground breathes out greatly small cry, the hand that makes him and heart are can'ted restrain. Clinging and sturdy Lin Dan made perhaps is the most important option in him lifetime -- learn shuttlecock. Pass a variety of effort, lin Dan crosses the first condition that gave him badminton career eventually. His memory says, walk into badminton ball house for the first time when him, when taking bat, also do not want to leave it again. That year, ability is 5 Lin Dan years old.

Ten years of after this, lin Dan left area of Fujian west hill, became a soldier, far go to Beijing, and these each footmark is concerned with badminton.

Lin Dan is lucky, while he chooses badminton, badminton also chose him. Lin Dan is for the word that uses coach Li Yongbo gifted, have clever energy of life. Be opposite the judgement of adversary ball road and control and to him tactics intent hold with apply, lin Dan is the strongest in players of all outstanding male single on the world, nobody can be reached.

The hair is soaked by sweat, hair silk however a root is stubborn the ground is erect, with collar stand firm bring out the best in each other; Every hit a good shot, or it is to use bat to in the sky point to continuously, or it is the circuit on light trot, patting bat to ask for applause; Ground of extremely rich incendiary sex conducts the lip since the close lightly when be close to a victory, the right-hand side everybody acclaims for him; Ground of the genuflect after the victory grows howl, the right hand is lifted in military salute of standard of the travel side the head... before you can say Jack Robinson, that undemonstrative boy has grown the person get dance on badminton field, passion 4 shoot, awe-inspiring 8.

 can succeed the place of backside is paid sweat and miserable be ability experiences him Lin Dan however. After this, the match of international of new beautiful sortie that Lin Dan fosters as Chinese team put forth effort. Be worth try out of international feather couplet 7 minutes to make in those days, this makes in order to atttack the Lin Dan feel just like a fish in water of force be good at, carry off Denmark makes public contest one after another the 2nd, complete Yingsaidi 3, Korea is surpassed publicly the first. 2 years August, world rank of Lin Dan jumps head the list. Can be good times don't last long, after restoring 15 minutes to make, physical ability and defend the rank of Lin Dan world that shows inadequacy slightly drops greatly.
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