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Yi Sha pulls · Dengken to jump bravely more oneself dancing
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Yi Sha pulls · Deng Ken more (1877-1927) , american female dancer, playwright-director, teacher, the pioneer of modern dance. She is a new female of colorific of rich and romantic legend, be engaged in dancing reform and innovation for a whole life, her practice and theory are right develop to have very big effect with the dancing art later at that time. Deng Ken's mother is a musical teacher, offer her good musical education as a child, developed her dancing interest. What be worth commend more is, her mother all the time care and support are worn she, gave her the space of a sufficient freedom, let Deng Ken learn truly life, bravely pursuit is artistic. Artistic pursuit of Deng Ken and aesthetic objective got the mother is affected tremendously undoubtedly.

The mother is a devotional Catholic originally, later, what she discovers the husband and do not expect is perfect in that way, divorced, taking 4 children to enter alone swing the world. Thenceforth rises, she abandoned thoroughly Catholic belief, sturdy belief is atheistic, became Er of all alone of Bob · flower case (19 centuries United States' well-known atheistic advocate) believer, still read the book of flower family name children to listen constantly.

Deng Ken's mother thinks all argumentative affectation are extremely absurd behavior. When children are very small, she tells santa Claus to children is how to return a responsibility. Once, spend christmas day, when the teacher distributes candied cake to everybody, say: "Children, what to see santa Claus be brought to us? "As a result small Deng Ken stands up very grave ground says to the teacher: "If I do not believe you say, do not have what santa Claus. "The teacher is very angry, say: "Candy sends the child that believes santa Claus only. "Small Deng Ken says sturdily: "Then I do not want your candy. "The teacher allowed more angry, command Deng Ken goes in front sit on the floor, in order to show penalty. Small Deng Ken goes in front, stand over, face about faced whole class classmate to publish the speech with the famous first time of ever since one's birth. She loudly say: "I do not believe a lie. Mom tells me she is too poor, cannot become santa Claus; Only rich mom ability dresses up content of santa Claus give sb a present. Only rich mom ability dresses up content of santa Claus give sb a present..

The teacher sees " punish sit " this one action is no good, punish small Deng Ken to stand in the corner. Although small Deng Ken stands in the corner, but still had twisted a head to say aloud: "Do not have santa Claus namely! It is final without santa Claus " , the teacher is hopeless to her, be forced to dismiss her come home finish sth. On the road, she still cries all the time: "Do not have santa Claus namely! "To the unfair treatment that gets this, xiaodeng agrees all the time be troubled Yu Huai, she thinks: Spoke because of me, do not send me candy, punish me even? She told about its course to mom, ask mother: "My missay? Without santa Claus, right incorrect? "Mom answer says: "Without santa Claus, also do not have god, only yourself's soul and mental talent help you. "That day in the evening, small Deng Ken sits on the carpet below mom foot, the speech speech that mom gave children to recite Er of all alone of Bob · flower case.
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