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Whole strategy of graduate poineering loan
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Wanted to graduate, search hard when a batch of students " gold jobs " when, bosom of another some of person is being put " job to others " dream, set foot on poineering road. The first difficult problem that is placed before them is the starting capital that do poineering work. Below the circumstance that tightens up in commercial bank credit, difficulty of poineering loan application increases the individual of a few banks, nevertheless, still many channel that plan market fund can offer an alternative, which are planted as to the choice means, the case that wants to see oneself differs and decide...

It is difficult to do poineering work, safeguard one's heritage is more difficult. After the very much person that do poineering work was solving the problem of the capital that start, those who be faced with is the bigger capital requirement that accompanies a company to development, business expands and be brought. The ceaseless enlarge of poineering main forces is allowed, also let more banks and intermediary orgnaization see the great demand of loan business. Use management sex to borrow money to do the business big, it is the 2nd task that the person that do poineering work faces...

Graduated your poineering loan is ready

This period we looked for a few to just walk out of campus, the already small perhaps person that do poineering work successfully, after consulting relevant orgnaization and expert, offer means of a few kinds of loan to offer reference for them. Have poineering plan you, did good capital to prepare?

The person that do poineering work: Liu Min

Capital requirement: I already graduate student graduation is fast a year, cannot suffer the anguish that apply for a job eventually, the decision produces professional specialty, oneself open the home to design a company. Nevertheless, I need the about 50 thousand yuan capital that start, do not have deposit and house property however. My parents is officeholder, have oneself house property, am I OK does their identity apply for have the aid of to do poineering work borrow money?

Loan program: Lend parents strength, assure loan

Application difficulty: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Honest ground says, although at present a few commercial banks were rolled out,do not have assure, the individual that does not have guaranty does poineering work loan, stem from the control consideration to the risk however, a lot of commercial banks are met according to client age, marriage, profession, before credit, individual and domestic worth state, give out different notch. For the graduate with not complete record of lesser to age, credence, fractional respect won't have very large dominant position. The expert suggests related the bank, because the parents of Mr Liu has a steady income, this should be very good credit resource. The house property that Mr Liu can consider to use parents, deposit receipt, bond having price or guarantee slip will handle mortgage or impawn borrows money. Nevertheless, notable is, at present the bank extends in this kind of loan on special discretion, for avoid risk, this kind of product is put borrow examine and approve flow relatively trival, cycle is expatiatory.
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