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Do poineering work: Want to avoid 6 large dead hole absolutely
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The very much person that do poineering work can have such experience: Before doing poineering work, think the most difficult period is to prepare poineering phase, and after the company is run formally, but lax. And after doing poineering work, after discovering the company operates however, sundry problem followings sb's heels and come, often make them be at a loss, follow to imagine the difference is very big before. In fact, in the growing process of the enterprise, classics regular meeting appears all sorts of difficulty are miscellaneous disease, if incorrect " make a diagnosis and give treatment " , likely " dispatch troops not nimble body predecease " .

The person that do poineering work ever was encountered on different level commonly the following 6 big questions, need us to be treated carefully.

1. Good serve a meal of friend join as a partner

The very much person that do poineering work is choosing " copartner " when, always like to be familiar with " circle " in search. Because each other are familiar with understanding, because this is in,poineering initial stage often works by feeling, wait to also be handled with self-surrender, reconciliatory means mostly to problem of the direction of management that appears in the enterprise, choose and employ persons, financial problem, and ignored necessary bond is signed and restrain a system strictly. Then, as the enterprise grow, the contradiction that relationship of this kind of work causes and problem can be shown gradually, go against the rapid development of the enterprise not only, bring about an enterprise to enter even sometimes go bankrupt condition.

Love Chen Tianna of much company shareholder to state in the lawyer that publishs on media in those days, namely " love much crisis " fuse. Mark of Huzhi of president of love much company is south old day when companionate, in those days contributive share, for " love is much " progress stands next one's contributions in work. But " into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He " , he gave however finally " love is much " deadly biff.

[The expert raises action] : Mr Zhang points out chief inspector of poineering support of project of some network family education: Prevent friend join as a partner, can wait for respect proceed with from clear powers and authorities of office, equity, but this does not mean the means that cannot cooperate through the friend to do poineering work. Project of family education of Chinese education network has many 3000 agent that the individual does poineering work in countrywide each district, among them of 14% is to use mode of friend join as a partner to begin, move relatively good occupy 86% , and the collaboration that all makes clear for powers and authorities of office, property right person that do poineering work.

2. Where is lively where to go straight towards

The person that some do poineering work loves to follow suit blindly when affirmatory direction of management, make money to do which all right, always feel to be able to reduce investment risk so, and take roundabout way less. However, the market is run have its nature cycle, become when the market is too saturated, profit space can narrow, "Like a swarm of bees " upsurge is being meant sometimes " malign competition " forthcoming. Any investment have a risk, once follow a fault, with respect to the trap that can fall into investment. Accordingly, the careful market research before doing poineering work and rational analysis are attached most importance to especially should. This invests as the stock same, risk and increase are concomitant, which kinds of stock suits to do long term, which kinds suit to make short line, when follow-up, when to exit, need to be treated calmly.
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