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Undergraduate: Start beautiful career
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Catch happy angel, start beautiful career

  ---Forest of short for Zhejiang Province two graduate from 80 hind of new personality be in love the first pail of gold is dug in the story

- Chen Shengwei

These days, the at one's leisure of teachers and students of Zhejiang forest institute is commenting 2007 graduate Chen Xiang mix this school Cai Ying, after these two students graduate, held water in Hangzhou " 80 impression house " photography atelier, it is technically 80 hind new personality films the story that be in love, attracted more and more youths. Before before long, CCTV 2 " fortune story is met " the column still undertook interviewing to them, and with " love a movie 1980 " undertook for the problem special subject reports.

For ideal, have a common goal runs studio

June 2007, zhejiang forest institute photographs 031 Chen Xiang, Cai Ying graduated. Right now, the parents of two people has sought an unit for them, chen Xiang's parents wants a son to go to place a newspaper office, Cai Ying's parents hopes the daughter enters a TV station, it is the job of envy making a person. But, they refused together however---They miss start an atelier, the photography that is engaged in oneself having deep love for works.

Chen Xiang is golden Chinese, took an examination of major of photography of Zhejiang forest institute 2003, often show the talent that its get on in photography through the photograph when attend school. "His photograph has a feeling particularly, also have oneself idea very much. " photography teacher Chen Bo is evaluated so. And native place is in build the Cai Ying of heart, the Chen Xiang of connate be not a patch on that although photograph,goes up, but she is making model, make up etc the respect is early the level that reached major, many evening parties in the school make up, model model is the arena that she develops skill.

Because be to learn photography major, be in early when reading, in Chen Xiang, Cai Ying and class additional a few classmates held water " new visual sense " atelier, film to the classmate with 100 yuan of free even prices photo, got the welcome of a lot of classmates. Graduation eve, chen Xiang, Cai Ying decides collaboration runs a studio.

Chen Xiang says: "We have deep love for photography course of study of this be related, also had opened studio in the school, have certain experience, I think us two people cooperate, make cameraman and modelling division respectively, should be right choice. Additional, if I do not pursue the career that I like,I feel, be pair of myself then is irresponsible; And the 80 a lot of youths after should marry in succession, to 80 the year after next light person films photo of gauze of individual character marriage, should meet have an outlook. Should meet have an outlook..

2007, chen Xiang and Cai Ying persuaded family, bilateral family is their collect in all nearly 100 thousand yuan of money. Subsequently, hangzhou in a devious village, the name is " 80 impression house " photography atelier was born. Although with confidence, but there is a bottom in two the individual's hearts: Can photography atelier do after all what kind of degree?
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