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The white-collar holds poineering job concurrently besides more wonderful
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The representative joins in, these terms spread all over network set up shop the press, TV and network, but recently, these terms slowly apply mechanically was in on company white-collar body. Although policy is not encouraged, the unit does not allow a part-time job to do poineering work, but nowadays still has large quantities of one white-collars disturbed Yu Chaojiu is late of 5 jobs drab, holding in the arms play, loosen oneself, adjust the state of mind of the mood, contend for photograph experience 8 hours another kind of life besides the job, mixed poineering pattern begins to be in the white-collar emerge in large numbers.

The white-collar is arisen poineering tide

- poineering project: Acting office building uses paper professional work mediumly

Represent a person: Amanda

One's job profession: Some institute researcher

Amanda is weekly go up one day only class, the others time thing of it doesn't matter, time is very abundant. Her poineering project is a representative the office paper in the building, toilet uses each capital paper. She everyday if contact new client,labour decides, statistical sale and deliver goods of the member that arrange deliver goods. She tells a reporter the potential of this industry is very great, for example: A building calculates 10, every male, female toilet needs one day to use 4 toilet paper at least, it is 4 × so 10 × 365=14600, profit margin can be achieved commonly 15% , a such office building have 2190 yuan profit every year, if develop a few office building more, profit specified number is quite considerable.

Amanda discloses further, do office building to be able to not earn too much money with the business of paper actually, but it is a kind of very good all previous practice to psychological respect, still can accumulate resource of arteries and veins of a few people. For instance, poineering initial stage needs one by one to visit the relevant controller of every office building, will move with quality introduction and price advantage the other side, make they give themselves to do this business, this is very helpful to exercising communication ability.

Major comments on: Wang Shouren of vice-chairman of consortium of Shenzhen poineering investment thinks, the space of the business that use paper of acting office building is very large, because Beijing office building is numerous, the amount that use paper is very large also. Develop this project need of a lot of moment and person are communicated, this can exercise the mind of one individual deal, but those who need an attention is practitioner cannot make price war, through going to profit depress very small even be out of pocket comes " grab the trade " occupational market cannot be taken, want to get a cup of a thick soup with his characteristic.

- poineering project: The set up shop on the net

Represent a person: Miss Su

One's job profession: Portal website edits

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