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Graduate does poineering work obtain 1 million loan
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The whole people does poineering work, wuhan reoccupy " drive implement " -- yesterday, bureau of Wuhan town occurrences in human life publishs 21 measure, graduate of talent of the talent outside urging within the country, this city high level, old technical secondary school comes Chinese or stay Chinese do poineering work.

The doctor will do poineering work, preferred aid financially 2000 yuan every months

Wuhan city will be preferred the doctoral graduate student that does poineering work to be in Wuhan, everybody gives every months 2000 yuan doctor inside 3 years aid financially funds.

Come Chinese poineering high administrative levels studies abroad returnee, preferred the poineering innovation that offers 100 thousand yuan each gives aid to capital; Patent to having come Chinese do poineering work study abroad personnel, preferred everybody aids financially 5000 yuan every to reach 10 thousand yuan.

Annual Wuhan city enrols 10 governmental center experts

Wuhan government will carry out post " hire an expert especially " plan -- mix every year in whole town key the innovation post that is badly in need of an industry establishing 10 or so, face talented person of innovation of invite applications for a job of global high pay, full-time or part-time job are OK.

Arrive every year abroad action student studying abroad

Wuhan needs the basis, annual from global introduce talent of a batch of high levels to give aid financially. This city forms a delegation to wait for country and area invite applications for a job to study abroad to Europe, beautiful, day regularly talent. 3 arrive 5 years, wuhan establishs overseas 2-3 study abroad the talent introduces contact to be in.

Manufacturing industry, title but " after be being judged first, take an examination of "

Be in Wuhan, will mix in industry of burgeoning industry, pillar domain of modern manufacturing industry, try out " after be being judged first, take an examination of " , relax appropriately foreign language, computer declares a condition, widen innovation does poineering work the professional passageway of personnel.

Brainpower, can do poineering work 3 years from hillock

Wuhan encourages brainpower to do poineering work. The scientific research orgnaization that city belongs to, college and institution brainpower, leave duty to establish from hillock company of new and high technology, the unit continues pay 3 insurance premium, allow they answer mount guard of former unit competition inside 3 years, enjoy be equal the welfare pay of on guard.

Old technical secondary school is graduate, highest can borrow money 1 million

Wuhan will do poineering work for graduate of old technical secondary school offer small assure loan, fee of all sorts of administration fee, service and card reflect cost uniform avoid close.
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