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Sell Olympic Games T-shirt two months to earn 100 thousand
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According to " Guangzhou daily " report, a few when head with Laozhang " Olympic Games butcher " , the course that pursueing Olympic Games torch to deliver sells the T-shirt unlined upper garment, a province sells one car, two months come down, already net 100 thousand yuan. "They can reach the city that torch delivers ahead of schedule commonly, use GPS to shift to an earlier date a few hours occupy posses benefit landform, the edge sells an edge to listen to trends of spot of direct seeding control, hear where person to drive where to sell more. "

Chasing after torch to sell the T-shirt unlined upper garment, earn 100 thousand yuan two months, laozhang is worthy of be current " the most arrogant Olympic Games butcher " ! And from Laozhang " relaxed " easiness backside, the author very did naturally think of to be like disrelish " heavy " if problem? How to defeat solution " it is difficult to do poineering work " ?

It is difficult to do poineering work, where be hard? A lot of people can say, be in hard do not have knack, do not have a technology, do not have capital... instantly, include the 1 million undergraduate that cannot find the job inside the ten million on the whole nation " it is difficult to do poineering work person " in, some people always are " this is difficult also, that is difficult also " .

Do poineering work, be helped from what do not open government and social all circles admittedly and support, but the most important, it is the person that do poineering work should have " inherent power " . Just, "The most arrogant Olympic Games butcher " the successful experience that provided this field to us. "The most arrogant Olympic Games butcher " , do not vend T-shirt unlined upper garment namely, from armour ground carry reachs second ground, "Cost price Yours Excellency every are 67 yuan, 45 yuan of the child, arrive from ten yuan 40 multivariate one has sold " , so simple, do not talk to go up how many to have " content of science and technology " . This " earn 100 thousand yuan two months " the business, want some cost only, junior high school is graduate can " earn " , the university is graduate more can " earn " . "The most arrogant Olympic Games butcher " , his profitable path, it is difficult to should ask, really not difficult!

China's biggest this year happy event is Beijing Olympic Games, the backside of sports athletics is market competition. In businessmen eye, the Olympic Games is a huge commercial cake, but can divide a small, still get the original story that relies on oneself, resemble writing an article same, "Have in everybody heart, each the wording and purpose of what one writes is not had " . "Chasing after torch to sell the T-shirt unlined upper garment " , others cannot think of, "The most arrogant Olympic Games butcher " thought of, do poineering work, expensive in have " commercial head " ; Laozhang says, "Torch is by air the whole nation goes everywhere, what I am opening small area also is to give a hot pursuit all the way, it is to get online first make a thorough investigation of torch whole nation delivers line, it is to listen to a radio again " dog " , there is news in media, there is gold in media. Do poineering work, expensive in " master information, be good at discovering, be good at mining " . "The most arrogant Olympic Games butcher " commendable place still is in " chase after " word. The person that do poineering work, on progressive path impossible a wide expanse of flat land, in the world, can not succeed anyhow.
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