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The undergraduate relies on interest to do poineering work year into 1 million
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Poineering character: Yu Jinchi

Start already one by one: From inside Liaoning medical university graduated 2006, sell goods on a commission basis astronomy binoculars, microscope, take a picture the photoelectricity instrument such as equipment. Current, had become the agent of famous brand of 25 international country and dealer, year income 10 thousand yuan about a hundred.

"I like binoculars as a child. When attending a college, the school organizes a classmate every year to extract drug to 1000 hill, a lot of classmates want to buy a binoculars, I looked for an agent to buy many 20, every add just a little 10 yuan sell a classmate, ovation. When the university graduates, I sold many 10 thousand binoculars in all, earned nearly 500 thousand yuan. Earned nearly 500 thousand yuan..

Yu Jinchi mentions the first pail of his gold so.

Act as agent 25 telescope product

"Should do be about extraordinary, just can gain the market in that way! " when just starting, yu Jinchi for from normal manufacturer replenish onr's stock, go to Xi'an, Kunming by air and other places and manufacturer negotiation. The other side looks is a wool head boy, begin to trust far from he, gave him a few kinds or types of goods only, the price is very high still. But, at sincere letter of Jin Chi and sale strategy your manufacturer is looked at with new eyes.

2007, telescopic sales volume of Yu Jinchi is advance rapidly more, sheet is binoculars of a certain brand sold 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, in complete province sales volume discharges the first. Acting company hires him to be company technical adviser especially, the dealership that saves the company in Liaoning awards him freely, odd this one, with respect to the side Yu Jinchi saved 500 thousand yuan of representatives to expend.

Now, can wait for the product of 25 telescope at Ni Kang of golden pool representative, beautiful, having 6 variety among them is complete province representative, year earn 1 million yuan.

Astronomy lover develops a client

Yu Jinchi does a business particularly intentional, he and a few good friends established association of lover of Shenyang city astronomy, still became a good friend with many expert scholars. Association often organizes middle and primary school to give birth to observatory to look around freely, established branch inside the college such as Liaoning university, northeast university. Such, yu Jinchi collects the astronomy lover of Shenyang city gradually, the business is better and better also, sales volume broke up several times, occasionally one day can sell many 10.

Yu Jinchi says, next, he prepares to do astronomy to groom class, make more astronomy lover understand astronomy knowledge. Henceforth, "Astronomy is hot " , " travel is hot " become a common practice gradually, telescopic market is able to develop his skill to full.

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