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The poineering story of girl of a Tsinghua
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String dials move: Foreign enterprise white-collar should drill spread out

I am a northwest the girl of some city, after graduating from Tsinghua university 1998, went an Italy SKI is stationed in Shenzhen branch to become an interpreter. This is a big company that runs European high-grade skin technically to provide, employee is foreign nationality personage more. With those Italian belles in the company same, in bazaar " go all out kill " , I also like to use shop, bubble wait for means to loosen his.

"3 people go, have my division surely " . Wait for together with fashionable Italian girls long, through taking care observation study, slowly I also became the past master that takes popular fashion, especially to outfit have research quite, the tie-in skill of dress of be familiar with and figure, color of skin. With the passion to dress, and the assurance to vogue, the eye that I always can use acumen chooses those who go out to have distinguishing feature alone from the commodity caboodle with colorful profusion " treasure goods " . And these dress, before long hind can rise in Shenzhen popularity definitely.

Be in on private cocktail party, I got acquainted with Shenzhen master of ceremonies Miss Liu of some TV station. The dress that this eagle-eyed fashionable beauty gets on to cover elaborate collocation then to my body praises greatly. We had the topic that the female is interested in naturally a little, shop for instance, move outfit etc. Talk arisenly, she says " summerly young lady, I feel your this individual is very interesting. Your fashionable touch is extremely fine. Why don't you come out oneself are done, with your feeling to vogue, you come out to do dress business to be able to make money certainly!

This word makes in my heart not by easily, a string that resembles be being buried greatly in my bottom of the heart for quite a long time was dialed suddenly to move. This is a good proposal: Open store of domestic characteristic dress, in coffee sweet in flow all the day even at caparison in Hua Chang world, will be what kind is satisfied!

Mention him preparation to come out with father when me deal when, did not think of to object strongly of father however by. Father is a very lineal person. He says, you are formidable a Tsinghua is graduate, the foreign enterprise white-collar that is putting envy making a person is not done, what should do " the little younger sister of experienced booth " . It is absurd in the extreme really! Except compel me " abandon this kind of foolish idea immediately " outside, I know father still has a the greatest cherished desire, that lets me look for a good husband to marry her in the foreign enterprise as soon as possible namely! But this is not the life that I want.

Develop a new style or a new method of one's own: Dress shop opens into business affairs building

I am determined to leave that Italy company, go doing the thing that oneself like!

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