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14 graduate obtain Hangzhou poineering gold
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Last month, jinhui of 25 years old obtained 80 thousand yuan of poineering fund that provides by free of Hangzhou municipal government gladly. Jin Hui is Shandong Qingdao person, after from Zhejiang industrial and commercial university will graduate last year in June, limited company of some communication technology established in Hangzhou.

Last year in November, do poineering work to encourage an undergraduate, hangzhou city published college graduate to do poineering work aid financially policy, stipulate the college that if be in Hangzhou urban district,does poineering work only is graduate, be engaged in producing management project to develop oriented catalog Central Africa to prohibit to spend Hangzhou city industry in those days, eye of category of blame limitation progress, all can put forward governmental financing to aid financially application.

Obtain together together with Jin Hui those who aid financially, still have the poineering project of the 14 colleges graduate such as Zhu Xi, aggregate amount amounts to 790 thousand yuan.

As we have learned, this is Hangzhou city offer a government to aid financially to the poineering project of college graduate first. This is aimed at an undergraduate do poineering work endow fund, pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of branch business loan and project free aid financially two kinds. Highest application forehead spends commercial loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange it is 10 thousand yuan, project free is aided financially wait according to prospect of content of science and technology, economy and social benefit, market, it is 20 thousand yuan respectively, 50 thousand yuan, 80 thousand yuan mix 100 thousand yuan, optional choose puts forward the undergraduate that accords with application condition one kind among them application.

Actually, do poineering work aiding financially is a respect that Hangzhou thrust undergraduate does poineering work only.

"Project of example of 10 thousand undergraduate poineering fact " it is Hangzhou city another when send an undergraduate " gift " . To promote undergraduate poineering obtain employment capability, hangzhou city will come 2008 2010 inside 3 years, build base of 200 undergraduate solid example, solid example undergraduate 30 thousand, organize 10 thousand undergraduates to begin poineering special subject to groom. Adopt solid standard at the same time, implementation holds card to be in Hangzhou obtain employment or do poineering work, the government presses certain proportion to give to solid train fare aid financially.

According to the regulation, every attends the undergraduate of poineering fact example, the mark allow as a way of that presses person of 800 yuan of / is aided; The staff that joins to skill grooms and accord with a government to fund a requirement plays other and special groom from industry technical ability, the government presses solid example charge 50% give aid financially. After college graduate attends undergraduate industry solid standard, stay Hangzhou of the job, during solid example press month of worker of company of Hangzhou urban district every months of minimum wage standard 70% offer the life subsidy. 0 obtain employment, low to this city census register protect the college graduate that waits for difficult family, the cost of poineering fact example that its individual bears, aid financially by governmental sum.
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