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Do poineering work the first pail of gold comes from where
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What trade investment is small, is profit quick? These industries below are the good place of college graduate poineering pan probably.

Dress of to apply for a job hires a firm " the person relies on garment horse to rely on saddle " , wear an easy and decent professional clothing to go interview, can increase interview official to be divided to the undergraduate's impression greatly. But professional clothing get on 1000 yuan at every turn, the graduate that lacks economic base bears hard, dress of to apply for a job hires a firm emerge as the times require. Beijing has one inside some college town

Dress of domestic to apply for a job hires a firm, according to this company director external classics trade university is big 4 students Hu Yanyan discloses, the company purchased 38 at present women's be being installed and 10 men's installing, still demand exceeds supply.

Resume makes atelier

Resume is a student apply for " calling card " , almost each graduate make great efforts for this. General an invite applications for a job meets a student have to prepare more than 10 resume, expenditure does not poor. Have near the university print, the small shop of duplicate, but can provide the simplest service only, coaching how compose resume respect does not have an advantage however. If can do a resume to make atelier, offer directive, design, print, duplicate, binding a coordinated process serves, business scarcely is wrong.

Gymnastical hairdressing serves

To maintain healthy posture and active and optimistic state of mind, people often is happy to join gymnastical club or learn all sorts of course such as dance of yoga, body, ballet and piano, the consumptive demand of health and hairdressing is very big. The person that do poineering work can pay close attention to this respect information, according to capital requirement, place, can sweet inn aing kind of sweet grass, colour seeks advice from investment fitness center, hairdressing center, woman inn, hairdressing product inn, adopt those who be aimed at lone crowd characteristic to manage a resort, can make certainly business fire.

Single product is managed

Want to pay close attention to only, if produced business to had offerred multifarious single product today, include car, mobile phone, home appliance, etc. The country is beautiful the home appliance sort that is aimed at lone crowd at present has 140 a variety of, sales volume compares common electric equipment to be close friends. Sea Er has a small-sized freezer that is aimed at single public figure, the capacity has 110 litres only, price is 1280 yuan, differ with the price of freezer of family high capacity very few. Visible, the gain of single product is bigger. If do poineering work person can organize of all kinds supply of goods, open single product brand shop, should OK draw many single public figures.

Groom service

Market research discovery, with compare with age person photograph, invest in of single public figure " the individual is successful " the consciousness of the respect is more intense. They are fond of " charge " study, one's deceased father register accountant, evaluate all sorts of professional qualification certificate such as division, attend for this of all kinds groom class. In addition, language, formal, figure groom, single public figure also is one of main source of student. If the person that do poineering work masters the skill of the related side and aptitude, open this kind to groom, regular also meeting has results.
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