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Mr. Chen
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Appellation: Mr. Chen (sexual distinction of   of 119762)   : Daughter The birth date: In December 1988 native place of   of 20 years old of   : Jiang Dong district of city of Zhejiang province peaceful wave is current record of formal schooling: Read portion of predecessor of undergraduate course eye: Reading the school in school undergraduate: Fine start an institute: Literature of character of 2007 class Chinese alma mater of a high school: Zhejiang saves address of teacher of peaceful wave middle school: Bridge of institute of show continent Ou Jiaxing forest campusFamily education information Expert course: 6 years of Chinese course of competency of 6 years of maths: Chinese of elementary school junior high school, maths, English coachs object:
(price) a year (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / hour
5 years (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / hour
9 years (20) yuan / area of hour family education: Fine promote the urban district to coach means: The teacher comes family education time: Education is experienced afternoon on the weekend,
Like specialty,
Individual disposition,
Determination incline to,
Other requirement: Disposition is rigorous and serious be in charge of do one's best patiently each thing to the queen's taste
School just a little is obtained to wait for fellowship between big first phase
Read Chinese speech major to have enough hope to Chinese education
Pass English greatly standard of pronunciation of 4 level spoken language
The article has been published on school level and courtyard class journal

Oneself are not poverty to be born, making teaching in home is not to earn living cost, do not have much big demand in price respect so. Just want to accumulate a few experience, the child individual that while additionally can rich after school lives, the help differs to achievement feels very happy. Website record: Individual website: Contact means: 15824306725(the phone that this is Mr. Chen, ask direct connection)

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