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Mr. Zhu
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Appellation: Mr. Zhu (sexual distinction of   of 841272)   : Daughter The birth date: In December 1987 native place of   of 21 years old of   : Zhejiang saves fine the show that start city continent area is current record of formal schooling: Portion of predecessor of undergraduate course eye: Reading the school in school undergraduate: Zhejiang medium institute: Alma mater of high school of 06 play text: Jia Xinggao learns teacher address in class: Zhejiang Jia Xinghong benevolence roadFamily education information Expert course: Tall 3 compositions are tall course of 3 Chinese competency: Chinese, artistic kind professional knowledge coachs, artistic kind before taking an examination of, coach coach object:
(price) 4 years (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / hour
8 years (20) yuan / (20) yuan / the hour is tall one (30) yuan / hour second year in high school (30) yuan / hour
Tall 3 (30) yuan / area of hour family education: Zhejiang fine promote coach means: The teacher comes; The student comes family education time: Sealed education is experienced,
Like specialty,
Individual disposition,
Determination incline to,
Other requirement: Ever held the position of a certain number of first family education of Chinese of high school student, coach a certain number of art kind professional exam student; Like writing, make a speech; One grade obtains the university the school is second-class fellowship (now big 2 reading) . Can coach each age Chinese, be good at art kind before taking an examination of, coach, with medium kind give priority to, basically include broadcasting television playwright-director, literature of Thespian movie and TV! Website record: Individual website: Contact means: 13588456973(the phone that this is Mr. Zhu, ask direct connection)

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