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Make a teacher
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Appellation: Make a teacher (sexual distinction of   of 140714)   : Daughter The birth date: In January 1983 native place of   of 25 years old of   : Full any of several hot spice plants of city of Anhui Chu state is current record of formal schooling: Portion of predecessor of eye of three-year institution of higher learning: School of on-the-job teacher graduate: Chu state institute: Biology education holds the post of education school: School of Jia Xingla day: Address of teacher of science of junior high school: South lake area Zhejiang fine Xing Guangming streetFamily education information Expert course: 7 years of chemistry course of 8 years of chemical competency: Scientific, elementary school English coachs object:
(price) 3 years (15) yuan / (15) yuan / (15) yuan / (15) yuan / hour
7 years (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (30) yuan / area of hour family education: Zhejiang fine promote coach means: The teacher comes family education time: Everyday in the evening or double cease teaching experience,
Like specialty,
Individual disposition,
Determination incline to,
Other requirement: Have experience of two years of scientific teaching, normal school school graduates, have letter of qualification of teacher of junior high school.
Be familiar with teaching material, be familiar with student psychology. Can attend class first, achievement rises to collect fees again. Website record: Individual website: Contact means: 13116835012(this is the telephone call that makes a teacher, ask direct connection)

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