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Mr. Pan
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Appellation: Mr. Pan (sexual distinction of   of 527261)   : Daughter The birth date: In July 1985 native place of   of 23 years old of   : Zhejiang visits lukewarm city town always fine county is current record of formal schooling: Portion of predecessor of eye of three-year institution of higher learning: School of on-the-job teacher graduate: Fine start an institute: The environment administers a project to hold the post of education school: Blue sky school: Several course learn teacher address: South lake area Zhejiang area of Jia Xingna lakeFamily education information Expert course: 7 years of maths course of competency of 8 years of maths: Whole class of elementary school of maths of junior high school coachs object:
(price) one year (15) yuan / (20) yuan / (20) yuan / (25) yuan / hour
5 years (25) yuan / (25) yuan / (25) yuan / (30) yuan / hour
9 years (35) yuan / area of hour family education: Zhejiang fine promote coach means: The teacher comes family education time: Education is experienced on the weekend,
Like specialty,
Individual disposition,
Determination incline to,
Other requirement: Graduation arrives the maths of junior high school that blue sky school teachs in time of a year now, I let understand I am right more in this year teacher the jubilation of this industry, like to be hit with the student teach, also accumulated certain teaching experience.
This person disposition is optimistic, the interest is wide. Website record: Individual website: Contact means: 13738252523(the phone that this is Mr. Pan, ask direct connection)

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