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Chip in a few children asked the teacher to guidance tutor to fight in Shijiaz
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Buy from the heat began to rise a few years ago, Shijiazhuang has been getting used to people on the network together with strangers, "fight to fight room." Recently, they began a new wave of "buy" trend: "fight tutor." Makes up a three to five students from the study group, and invite teachers to a common after school tutoring, which not only reduces the cost of a tutor, but also improve student interest in learning, has been favorable for many parents. Hebei Province, the city network reporter status of any country to fight tutor groups, hot start "Children have to learn to draw, there are no parents fight your tutor?", "Who will fight with us in English tutor?" In some online forums, so post a few. In addition to online, the Internet has a similar "search notices": "Families with a third-year students, like the children of this community together to help your tutor to learn English, cost-sharing ... ..." Mr. Wang has successfully fight tutor, said his son just on the pre-school, has been looking for a better English teacher counseling about, but the higher the fee for tutoring teacher, a class to get on the hundred dollars down as much as he thought of the "fight tutor," "have a son students, and one of the district, three children, and both the advantages of small classes, but also feel the pressure of competition between each other, thereby enhancing the enthusiasm for learning. " As with Mr. Wang, the "fight tutor" really a lot of people thought, "to find a tutor for children is not easy, but high cost, time is tight, fight tutor can solve many problems. And find one or two classes with their peers, not so boring. "Ms. Lee said the provincial capital. Advantage of peace of mind and effort to save money And "car", "fight group" as "spell tutor" to affordable, resource sharing, and good learning environment by the parents and students of all ages. Many parents now want to hire a teacher to teach their children, from the economical point of view, "fight tutor" is a good choice. "Together with your tutor not only save money, but worry and effort." Ms. Zhang said she and several of the same district invited parents to an English tutor to home school teacher. Thirty-four people take turns with children, parents will not be tired, but also with children. The most important is that you can live discussions, learning atmosphere is better. "Fees can also save a lot." Accordance with the "one to one" mode is 60 yuan / hour. Now her "fight tutor" means a tutor to teach three children. Agreed upon with the teacher, tutor each child costs 40 yuan / hour. "This is just a subject, you can save a hundred dollars a month or so, if you make the subject more, not only those of the province." The very fact that this said, "fight Classroom" model is also very popular among children. Personnel engaged in tutoring more than that, tutoring is a charge by the hour, more than a child does not matter. Reminded the "fight tutor" also vary Experts said the number of students learning together, in some ways, it can really mobilize the interest of students in active learning. They can in a relaxed environment, exchange and learning together. But also notice that they have the disadvantage can not be ignored, a teacher to teach two or three children, may not be "one to one" targeted so strong, not taking into account the number of children. In addition, parents would have loved to compare with the child's academic performance. Several children learn together, parents may give children more pressure, resulting in damage to the child to resist the emotional and even friendship. "Fight tutor" this form is relatively accepted by parents, but not necessarily right for every kid. Here, experts advise all parents of students, tutors select the way it varies, to heed the views of children, some children foundation is weak, self-confidence is not strong, you need highly targeted "one to one" guidance, some The more competition the more motivated children, then for "fight tutor."
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