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Poor students have a "love tutor"
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Hebei Normal University, student volunteers and the number of poor families, Stone City "twinning", free for children of these families for 3 months of home counseling. Recently, Hebei Normal University, student volunteers and the Stone City, 71 and 15 poor families caring family "contract", the children of these families free of charge for 3 months, "one to one" home counseling. Academic spirit of the double benefit poor children At 12:30 on November 25, Hebei Normal University, Sun Yang Wei of professional time to the Stone City, two small middle school students XVII Liu, for her "one to one" courses counseling. Look at "mentoring" the back of two toes, Liu dad said excitedly: "'Love tutor' timely arrival is really ah." Liu year bedridden mother, father's income is not high, a family of three had borne in the days of Baba. In 2008, a sudden serious illness, leave of absence to recuperate not only to Liu, the family adds more to the enormous economic pressure. "After the resumption, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects to keep up, and can not pay money to get home tutor these subjects I have to give up." Liu said. "Love tutor" the arrival of Sun Yang Wei, let this little child can see the desperate hope. Liu said, "not the original subject teacher in Sun careful to explain, I have figured out, and gradually acquired the problem-solving approach." In addition to academic progress, Liu greater benefit is the spiritual. "Sun teacher's home in rural areas, conditions are very difficult, but she admitted to the University with honors. She is my role model." Liu said firmly. Liu is the recipient of 86 children in microcosm. Obligations of recipients of striving to tutor students Clients per week from home and school at their own expense twice a day, use of rest time to prepare ... ... although when the "love tutor" is hard but the students are still fighting for the registration. "Only two days, there are more than 300 students apply." Registration was hot scenes, so that at the work-study students, Hebei Normal University Coordination Centre is proud Chen Si. Si Chen said this year, "Love tutor" project is No. 6, has been engaged in this project will continue, at least one year. Registration volunteers are mostly poor students, they are to sign up with a grateful heart, and wanted to pass along the love. "I and these poor children have had similar experiences growing up. Thanks to the help of well-intentioned people, I was able to continue their studies. I understand the feelings of children need help, I would like to return to the community, had been the love of their own child transmission." "Love tutor" yellow card honestly say the book. Si Chen said that in the tutoring process, the school will conduct an interactive exchange activities to enrich students through volunteer service experience from teaching, and inspire the recipients to better child self-improvement, hard learning.
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