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Western scholar: Educational child 40
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The educational child that American scholar wears Yi Si of dimension · Liu to sum up 40, concentration reflected western family education.

1, all questions that raise to the child, reply patiently, frankly.

2, the serious problem that handles the child to put forward seriously and view.

3, vertical stroke is displayed frame, make the child above sufficient show his work.

4, not because of child room in or on the desk very random and scold him, the creation activity that wants this and him only is concerned.

5, give the child a room or room partially, basically offer child play.

6, explain to the child, his itself already very lovely, not need again project oneself.

7, the business that allows the child to become him in one's power.

8, the individual plan that helps the child make him and the method of the plan that finish.

9, the place that looks after children to be interested to him goes playing.

10, the work that helps the child revise him.

11, help child and the child that come from estate of different society culture interact normally.

12, the behavior with parent rational nurturance is used to and leave a heart to make the child is learning to do.

13, all along incorrect child says, he is poorer than other child.

14, allow the child to join a plan housework and go out viatic thing.

15, provide book and data to the child, let the child do the business that he likes.

16, religion the child interacts with all sorts of adult freedom.

17, read bit of thing for the child regularly.

18, let the child as a child the habit that nurturance reads.

19, encourage the child to write a story, go imagining.

20, the individual demand that handles the child seriously.

21, take out time and child to be together alone everyday.

22, need not punish abusively the child.

23, cannot make a mistake because of the child and make fun of him.

24, praise the child to be able to be carried on the back poem, taletelling and sing song.

25, make the child independent ponder over a problem.

26, make experimental plan in detail, help child knows more thing.

27, allow the child to play all sorts of litter.

28, encourage the child to discover a problem, solve these problems subsequently.

29, in the business that does in the child, search the place that deserves praise ceaselessly.

30, not empty ground and praise the child disingenuously.

31, honest him opinion is right the child's feeling.

32, the topic that nonexistent parent cannot discuss completely with the child.

33, make the child organic can make a decision truly.

34, help child becomes individualizing person.

35, help child searchs notable TV program.

36, the ability that develops the child to understand him ability actively.
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