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French children quality teachs knowledge
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Every week 3 afternoon, french elementary school and junior high school not begin school, the small classroom in the school was shut, hall of social a lecture given to a large number of students opened wide a gate to adolescent however. You go to stadium, small football team member, corbeil ball team member is gallopping disease runs; You have a look to museum, student show intended for a limited audience was become simply over there, a flock of a flock of pupil, cherish esteeming mood to enter artistic hall, below the guiding of teacher and museum announcer, pie-eyed the world that goes discovering the true. Some museum are in " visiting guideline " in special point out, best escape Zhou San afternoon.

Gongbalei speaks of official of office of information of French Ministry of Education " on Wednesday phenomenon " when say, this is the one part that quality teachs. France is afterwar the quality education that begins to carry out, contain the content of the many sided such as obligation of sports, citizen and right, morality, science, art. Through development of a few years, france the figure stand erect with big country of big country of science and technology and culture at the world, explore successful reason, have to allude quality education. Mr Gong Balei says, quality teachs the thing that is whole society, develop the person with ability of high quality, important task of Ministry of Education is in shoulder, obligatory, and all trades and professions also uses up his can, be happy to contribute force.

Museum of palace of national Lu float is the museum with maximum number visits on the world, recieve the 6 million person that look around every year, among them the half is a student. Lu float palace " culture serves a ministry " director Mr Jialaier says, raise the student's history and artistic accomplishment, it is one of missions of museum. In France, all national museum are teacher and 18 years old of the following youths freely to open, for them constituent special performance explains. Nevertheless, "We are far to the student's care more than hereat " . Introduce according to him, lu float palace has a few to be service project of the student. "Artistic workshop " be among them one of. Lu float palace has 10 several " artistic workshop " , it is adult already, also serve for the student. This year 2, 3 quarters, student " workshop " the activity that offers 32 special subject, be like " understanding gardens " , " understanding Song is blue " (dye of a kind of plant) , " Gu Ai and dress " etc. Alleged " workshop " it is collect looks around, explain reach oneself to start work 3 person the artistic activity place at an organic whole, for the hall room of 50 square metre, there is one workbench among, there is the big wall that sets apparatus to wear all round. Establish " workshop " it is to increase artistic experience of the student. "Workshop " activity, depend on the resource of Lu float palace. For example, the Du Yi before gardens class guides palace of visiting Lu float by the teacher first straps li of garden, explain its style, return " workshop " hind, the student builds them to imagine medium garden with the mould. The 6 children that arrive 18 years old can attend by interest, without any limitation, hand in 30 franc to attend class cost can. "Artistic workshop " very popular, should shift to an earlier date commonly half month ability orders the position.
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