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Foreign parents teachs the child how to spend money
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The child a day extremely big, domestic parents begins to be anxious not to give its pin money, when to give, to how many. Foreign parents worries to this appears and be not being had, let us draw lessons from together:

   Japan is delivered with money " charm "

Japanese hill is taught originally think, the child's pin money regards intermediary of a kind of culture as the tool, important place is had in the life, children create his life through using pin money.

Hill says originally: "Make an example for, money ases if is a kind very magic thing, if parents gives the child a few money, that meant them to deliver this to plant to the child ' charm ' , how does the child that accordingly they can worry about themselves very much use this to plant ' charm ' . How does the child that accordingly they can worry about themselves very much use this to plant ' charm ' ..

Be in Japan, parents has two kinds of kind to the control of child pin money. The first kind is to give the child a certain quantity of pin money regularly, let him child plan expenditure. The 2nd kind is the requirement according to the child or desire come to child pin money, every time and child are coordinated or control the child's demand.

The United States from pin money: Conduct financial transactions

Teaching the child to use pin money is to let the child learn how budget, managing the important education instrument that makes consumptive decision with oneself. Parents is control of pin money amount as far as possible on the level that comparatives roughly with his companion. As to the use of pin money, be in charge of by child full-fledged member, parents does not intervene directly. But because the child is used undeserved and when erring, parents does not help them overshoot easily difficulty. Because be like this only, child ability understands the serious consequence that excessive spending brings, learn to consume behavior to be in charge of to his thereby.

How does church child put money. The means that sends the child costly goods through decreasing will arouse the child's interest, to child explanation: If want to have worthier thing in the future, they are abandoning the thing with a few not big value currently. The habit that puts money can make the child cherishs him labor income.

It is prospective life ready-made to help the child, the phone that family of a few United States still lets adolescent be his is expended and fare and spending of one part household pay Zhang. After the child is mature, parental regular meeting turns over make out a bill this, tell him the home to medium money is how beautiful, in order to help child understanding how of administer family " finance " .

   Singapore advocates deposit

"Mix sparely deposit is goodness " , this kind of traditional viewpoint of value is firm from beginning to end in Singapore adult child changeless. Look from bank deposit forehead, the per cent that middle and primary school of Singapore whole nation gives birth to to attended deposit 1992 exceeds 53% , average every student has 1144 about new yuan of deposit. The student of Singapore can put money so, depend on the join forces of society and family, school guiding. Ministry of Education, postal deposit and bank launch campaign of national school time deposit every year. Below this kind of environment, a lot of children became deposit confusing, they spend money to prevent their extravagant, card also does not apply for even drawing.
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