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Foreign head people " the path that is father "
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Blair: Protect the old father of child privacy

Be in England, er of premier cloth Lai and its family are the object that greatly small media pays close attention to. Because,perhaps be this, bulaierte does not pay attention to the privacy that protects the child.

4 children to let oneself grow below normal environment, the exert of cloth Lai Er as old father all over skill.

2000, in Blair's smallest child abstruse before be born, a lot of media had been been film the 1st piece of photograph of the baby developed intense competition solely, the amount that is willing to use 6 digit word even is won film solely authority, but Blair rejects news media to take a picture for the child stoutly, do not want to let media intervene their life.

Finally, he employs a cameraman to take the photograph after the 4th child is born and a photograph of whole family, send out freely next.

2004, british news complains committee former chairman Black ever leaked an inside information: Door of Ceng Zhuan of cloth Lai Er " call in " he, hope and media come to an agreement, the privacy that protects his child does not suffer encroach, resemble it is between media and royal family like the agreement that Williams, Harry reachs on subproblem of two small king.

But, cloth Lai overcomes euphemistic decline this one requirement, couple of Er of result cloth Lai is very angry.

He believes: Let the child " have a rough time " old father

He believes Thailand premier is foreign citizen of Chinese origin of the 4th acting Thailand, also be southeast Asia is famous " telegraphic magnate " , in the home very rich. But, he is right oneself one child 2 female requirements are quite strict.

March 2004, the university entrance exam of young daughter Bei Dongdan (news of the university entrance exam, the university entrance exam says) after the end, he believes a daughter to send Bangkok a Mcdonald's short-term work is made in dining-room. Meantime, his letter is returned on a special trip patronage this dining-room " inspect " the daughter works circumstance. Bei Dongdan makes the central point that Thailand media pays close attention to for a short while.

His letter says: "I want to let her have this experience namely, let her know the life. Because she is the smallest child in the home, the parents when be born has the person of the identity namely. Money is not crucial, we want to let her gain a few experience. We want to let her gain a few experience..

His letter still expresses, hope daughter can make the model of Thailand youth, get used to the job quickly, get used to a society, foster sense of responsibility.

General Beijing: Be good at " put power " old father

Beijing of Russia president general is on the educational issue to two daughters, very be good at " put power " . He what look very earnest won't force to them certain thing, never enquire they took an examination of how many minutes, they won't force to go to school when they are tired of, make its individual character free develop however.
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