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Calories of Carl Weite's son is young Er, it is a of 19 centuries Germany famous talent, 8, 6 mandarin word can be used freely when 9 years old, 16 years old obtain law doctor's degree. However, who can believe, after extremely tall child is born, a such gift were not shown how clever, be considered as however instead gawkish. Miraculous happening is in completely the godchild in the right way of his father. Carl Wei is peculiar the inchoate education of a Jin Dian that be called by common people is academic, centenary will make a lot of people are benefited, bring up give countless outstanding people. For the future of your child, also for the motherland tomorrow, we Carl Weite here the gold of inchoate education is in charge of content introduces to you.

1. Educational son begins from the mother first

The great person on the history has a mother that is good at teaching the child, the mother is being developed in growing process of the son cannot go acting action. If the mother cares the child's health only, and the formation of the moral character of oversight child and intellective development, be a mistake then, irresponsible behavior. Carl Weite says, the mother of small Carl is mixed bravely happy spirit is affecting a son deeply, when making the son enters a society later, although encounter difficulty, fearless also, never disappointed. Carl Weite thinks, maternal job cannot be replaced by other people, the child's education must be assumed by the mother, hold oneself child in the palm to other, be afraid only the mankind just is done so, this kind of course of action has break a nature.

2. Press can destroy a talent

Be born to have the child of excellent gift, again the education with brillant inflict, the child's future is inestimable. But parents often is failure to the talent's education. Parents often the endowment of child of with a view to, and the education that does not pay attention to all-round. Exorbitant to child requirement, use force too big, do most to make the child quits so.

3. Children potential gives subtration criterion

Children has potential capacity, but this kind of potential faculty follows degressive rule, if be born with to have good education to him from, so his potential faculty achieves 100 degrees possibly. If begin education from 5 years old, even if the education with the most outstanding inflict, his potential also can achieve 80 degrees only. And begin from 10 years old, no matter how educational method is good, potential also can achieve 60 degrees only. That is to say, education begins later, the faculty with potential children comes true smallier.

4. The energy that does not let the child is used at digesting only

Carl Weite says, child postnatal head half month, we insist to time he is nursed, feed water, make his biological clock forms the rule at the beginning, after can having a meal till him, still make only between two meals drink water to must not eat other, his stomach often cannot get lest rest, blood always works in gastric ministry and not be to be centered in cerebrum. If let the child's energy be used at digesting only, so cerebrum won't get very good development.
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