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Duty field new personality is complete transition 7 gist element
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Enter July, the undergraduates of last batches of leave school, some still is rushing about everywhere to apply for a job, some moves toward new working post already basically. Leave campus to enter disparate industry, meet the challenge that life works the first times. For the not deep to experience world, graduate that lacks professional program capacity, put in the pressure with quite big move, the most essential contradiction is with previous ideal medium position differs very far, facing tremendous transition pressure. Transition needs 7 transition, exercitation, it is to finish from transition of person of field of school person take office transfer process, the first job whether anthology it is good, good to do, it is crucial. In the process of transition, respect course of study, state of mind, sincere letter, formal it is the 4 big a magic weapon that are success of duty field new personality.

   One, from baronial " life is good " to reality " the profession is ideal " changeover

The concussion of undergraduates of oppose of the first labour is tremendous, what from what high the tower of ivory goes they cherish is Utopian thinking means, be those who show state power work method. However obtain employment pressure is great, choice room is little, can professional be geared to the needs of the job, already very not easy, let them feel the drop between ideal and reality is too big, accept hard temporarily. Previous and baronial ideal, had lost a target before reality, lose power, feel implementation is the thing of not within the foreseeable future only. Accordingly, the mood is low.

What urgent affairs needs is a target of profession of ideal translate into, establish a practical means method, go achieving professional goal. Put up a bridge to let his take reality from ideal. Goal of real in-service estate has a lot of ways, the integrated element that wants him tie goes choosing a route that suits his most, swifter implementation profession end, realize professional ideal finally thereby. From real in-service estate good point of view looks, the work that we do must have close dependency with professional target, otherwise, the work that does will not generate support to professional ideal, realize professional ideal then can make idle dream again.

   2, Cong Qingping fruit " school person " to maturity " professional person " changeover

Similar field trip is experienced, can appear different outlet and ending. How does the route that the key is yourself go, though oneself are done advocate, but also should realise above all what should obtain in exercitation process after all, how can ability hold exercitation opportunity add weight for him to apply for a job? The trainee must square state of mind, working respect, what want construction above all is his state of mind. The eye that a blundering heart can take you makes a round trip between each each position, enterprises vacillate, you can feel this works you can be done, that you also can be done, bring about you to connect finally the simplest do bad.
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