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Woman the beauty late evening on 30 duty field
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The female can encounter a few what kind of bank 30 years old after all, how ability has crossed it smoothly?

One of: "The profession develops " bank

In this in the center, included two fields again: One kind is the ground floor in pyramid mixes mark old, always do not have a predestined relationship all the time with the channel that develops up however; And additionally one kind is to develop certain layer form, always do not cross that more however the layer is transparent but hard however glass ceiling.

the woman that admits bank to encountering the first kind of profession actually, while she complains the society is unjust aside, might as well ask, where is oneself core competition ability after all, if still resemble strong finish school before long duty field people of a new type is same, what thing knows a bit, but what what thing knows is not deep, so the lets you turn a society into need namely talented person that you want to do, is not to still do not have a specialty.

"Candle both ends is lighted " change " place footfall "

Monthly pay of employee of Xiaoli private enterprise is controlled 3500 yuan

With " candle both ends lights " will compare the woman that like me such jobs and domestic both ends want to take care of the most appropriate: One side should work well, the hope gets what lead and work in the same place approbate, also not that pay that him disappoint gets from the unit; Other one side should take care of good family, do a good wife, good mother. But, when darling begins to go up nursery school when, I am fast also 30 years old, take the male fellow worker of the company together with me, not be rising the young leader that became a company, there was development on major namely, took advanced title, and I, although see feel very contented in lovely baby heart, but think of oneself still are on former position " place footfall " , I feel to hold out is not flavor.

Working in financial department is 5 years, the director that finance affairs manages in 5 years changed a few, I still continue to doing original work. It is to feel really " the age not Rao Ren " , although there is the financial personnel of experience now very the reception that gets each businesses, but, on general rules of numberless as the sand invite applications for a job mark is worn " undergraduate course above, 35 years old the following " , I think, if be in this present company to return attempt and accomplish nothing, where I still can develop?

   Do poineering work drive in youth " expire " before?

Monthly pay of employee of Flora some foreign enterprise is controlled 3000 yuan

After the university graduates, I took job of a foreign enterprise, although very busy, but the working requirement with have so good and favourable pay, classmates very envy me. But who knows again, the competition in the company is very intense, working upward pressure is great, the foreigner's enterprise also you recruit cannot help freely. Worked two years, the fellow worker that takes a company together with me had had many choices to leave. But after these colleagues leave his post, still basically chose to work to the foreign enterprise, very few somebody can consider the way that he does poineering work.
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