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Graduate: Absolutely is indispensable professional program
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This year last graduate first half of the year " double choose meeting " , will hold in market of qualified personnel of the city that do not have stannum on July 3, after 60 enterprises enter the arena, original plan is added reach 80, offerred 1238 post for graduate in all. End " double anthology meeting " end, nearly 5000 graduate ginseng are met, "Double choose meeting " unusually hot. But, graduate people the phenomenon that delivers file in disorder announces give a new issue: A few undergraduates lack individual profession to plan to design. Come from the Xiaotang of college of Henan grain industry, taking in the hand thick fold resume of to apply for a job, do not be in in a hour deliver file 23.

This plants respecting " net " type " extensive cultivation " deliver file, she expresses to the reporter, basically join each company of the meeting to have administrative position, what pay attention to working experience to differ with day-to-day invite applications for a job is, the position great majority that units of these choose and employ persons supply prepares to do not have this year's graduates of working experience, so oneself do not want to miss an opportunity. She tells a reporter, send resume so like her, very general in the graduate that still does not have obtain employment at present, the reason is everybody conceivable an interview opportunity, major is very match, that is the issue that considers later. Be like small Tang Suoyan, a lot of graduate are held " extensive cultivation " idea, the hope gets interview chance through this kind of means, the position with some very strong to professional technology graduate, also be to cast archives a spell in disorder.

To such phenomenon, what view is unit of choose and employ persons? Without limited company of science and technology of intelligence of trade of stannic city day, offerred 5 post this, and the person that makes clear this batch of invite applications for a job will be laid in as the talent, look from 40 resume that receive actually nevertheless, the case is not good. King of company vise general manager builds Qing Dynasty to say, he discovers a lot of graduate deliver file blind, it is record of formal schooling those who go up is blind, 2 it is professional be geared to the needs of the job those who go up is blind. The obtain employment desire with earnest graduate is understandable, but the major to oneself and individual ability are due and correct evaluate, the enterprise needs operating conditions to spend rigorous employee, from deliver file blindly this one phenomenon looks, their manner is not quite precise.

Limited company of the cooking that do not have stannum in the morning 10 when before receive many 30 resume, manpower resource is in Wang Jinxia section chief to say, the neither one in the personnel that deliver file accords with a requirement. Deliver file invalidly, to to apply for a job graduation is told natively is cost of wasteful to apply for a job. Administration of man poem real estate is in charge of Wang Jiabi, do not look at many 60 resume that receive to say, can see from which, present a few this year's graduateses lost obtain employment way. Know to find the job as soon as possible only, and the profession that does not have an individual plans to design, college of a mature far-sighted is graduate, the individual's advantage should is aimed at during school, have program of an abecedarian profession, but look from spot of invite applications for a job, very rare graduate is to have to apply for a job of specific aim ground, some attends without preparation at all apply for, reduced to apply for a job to be led successfully greatly.
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