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Exercitation: Does dirty cover make badge of Biao show off smooth with a rake?
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Investigation shows, the enterprise is when this year's graduates of invite applications for a job, choosing one of elements that resume values most is whether the student has entered professional exercitation and social practice, because this grows in intense competition,rise " 80 hind " also can make full use of off hours and cold summer vacation go attending an exercitation.

But, in realize exercitation value while, easy however oversight drops trainees of exercitation itself " technical content " . Duty field adviser expresses to our newspaper reporter, students are having the state of mind of a few mistakes and habit to the exercitation: Strange? of ┑ of moxibustion of  antrum Ji escapes the class goes jackarooing; Or attend many exercitations blindly, oversight oneself specialty, interest and ability; Or for the exercitation exercitation, the essence that forgot a field trip wants even if accumulate experience, increase capacity.

The exercitation should be brought into in professional program

"The exercitation is the one annulus in professional program, and it is very important one link, should be not isolated come out " , expert of many HR(manpower resource) emphasize this repeatedly.

Expert proposal, undergraduates are in big one, big 2 when be about to begin him analysis to be engaged in possibly in the future why be planted profession. According to " method of 3 paces location " , the first pace should notice observation and his professional and relevant profession, and not just speak or sing alternately of major of be confined to. For example the student of computer major is more than and OK make technical staff, also can become the manpower resource governor of enterprise of IT sale, IT actually, perhaps go the media related to IT course of study, IT kind groom orgnaization.

The 2nd pace, find out oneself interest to nod from inside choosing a profession fully, the job that pursues oneself be interested just can enjoy the work.

The 3rd pace, interest is not equal to ability, students need to pick the job that gives his to be good at again from inside interested profession. From big 3, big quarto only then, 3 two trades that students can begin to be chosen finally go jackarooing, will prove oneself suit why to be planted most with practice profession, lest take roundabout way.

Lu Xiaowei of vice-president of limited company of Beijing some science and technology also thinks, undergraduates can make full use of exercitation opportunity will avoid such loss. In the exercitation, the target of first step wants the student to undertake understanding adequately to the enterprise of the trade that pursues, place namely, also can know oneself interest interest and dominant position at the same time, accomplish " the bosom friend tells the other " , those who see oneself and company match degree, choose the profession that oneself like and is good at again.

Develop good state of mind and habit
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