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Professional career plans from big at the beginning
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Jiang Xia Hui is taken an examination of this year went up education of politics of courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of fair condominium of Hunan Normal University is professional, she is a little spellbound, think this major and oneself ideal differs further, do not be willing to plan to did not come. She says very helplessly: "I do not know dry what is good really, make a move calculates one pace. "

When walking along crossroad, the person feels the most easily bemused, lose way the most easily. Educational expert thinks, rise the one big turning point that the university is life from high school, move toward the another major turning point that the society is life from the university, have early preparation early program only, ability eliminates bewilderment, precipitant. Professional career plans, appropriate from big one enter a school begins.

Bewilderment wants hard not to know to begin from where

Termed begins, another batch of new students enter a college, a few in tall 3 " suffer torment " the new student is planning: Big one big 2 first relaxed, big 3 big 4 try hard again not late. But, see complete province many nearly 220 thousand graduate was squeezed in main forces of bustling to apply for a job 2006, insufficient without reserve of competence of working experience, knowledge, English is insufficient location of good, ego is not quite exact wait, produced tremendous effect to obtain employment. After thinking 4 years, have add lay a number without decreased graduation, of 9 years of time relaxed it is how grace doesn't rise.

The reporter was recently inside the the Changsha City each college is interviewed in discovery, a few new lives that just entered a college still have his program, they will try hard for this, but more entrant is study life of 4 years, right to the university future feels confused, the feeling eats hedgehog like the tiger -- do not know how to start.

"Attending the university entrance exam is to attend a college, had not thought more. " the Deng Danni that just entered Hunan university maths and econometrics courtyard says so, "If want me to plan, I can say I want to pursue the profession related to my major in the future only. I can say I want to pursue the profession related to my major in the future only..

The Xu assist of institute of project of Xiangtan university machinery cherishs happy mood to just step university campus, "University of pass an entrance examination is relaxed " , this word that high school teacher often says often still is circled in the encompass side his ear, he loosens easily gently played a few days, think thing of true it doesn't matter wanted to do, until attend a meeting a class a few days ago, of teacher lecturer earnest remind woke up him -- " should foster oneself into what kind of person after all inside 4 years " . Xu Zanmeng feels high school teacher like that " cheat " he, now is the henceforth study life below time plan equalize. Through with teacher and learn the long, communication that learns elder sister, the heart below Xu Zanjing will planned to have his professional profession, discover however facing new quandary again: It is to take an examination of grind, still exercise each ability to lay good foundation for obtain employment? "Think hard, do not know to begin from where however. " face choice, xu Zanhai wants to consult more people.
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