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The Chinese example of professional program crisis
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2008, it is a time that has mark sex sense. First half of the year, from sweep across south of China infrequent " snow calamity " go to those who stun the world " shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River " , several disaster following sb's heels and come; Second half of the year, from what attract worldwide attention " Beijing Olympic Games " arrive " reforming and opening 30 anniversary " , added the brushstroke of thick Mo Chongcai to this special time.

Besides, we however oversight another meaning, this year, the children that were born 1990 are already qualified salute, so called " 90 hind " been absent is " blame mainstream " , they ascend the body participates in the mission that drives social progress in the center; And " 80 hind " also begin to bear children, looking up is " 30 and stand " doorsill; "70 hind " it is to be faced with more whether " 40 not be puzzled " bemused, life, family, career walked along summit summit, also walked along crossroad; And " 60 hind " included one large quantities of is " reforming and opening " the elite estate that makes enormous contribution, nowadays " destiny " knowable; Those and republic are the same as age " 50 hind " whether already " ear is suitable " , how can you enjoy old age?

This is the motion of the billow before the one billow after field is pushed, unripe be born not to cease. This is the growing a collection of illustrative plates of a certain person merely no longer, it is the age a collection of illustrative plates of whole mankind more.

It is early more than 2000 years ago, confucius realizes the route chart that gave this to cover life to grow to our ginseng: 30 and stand, 40 not be puzzled, 50 know destiny, 60 ear to arrange. Till today, we still or in consciousness not self-conscious ginseng gives birth to coordinate according to this individual, baffle and before going.

Will objectively tell, this covers the life coordinate system that by Kong Laoxian unripe summary gives, it is the life example project of agricultural society, not certain general is comfortable the Chinese people after 2000. However, most Chinese falls in the influence of traditional thinking, regard Confucius ana as rule, regard oneself life current situation as measure content, in always lying how to offset the worry of fall. Accordingly, we say for " crisis of Chinese type age " , observe a two big features: One of, crisis feeling always arrives at the age first; Secondly, crisis feeling is more than crisis itself.

Be born at hardship, die at peace and happiness. Be the successor Mencius of Confucius, for first the life route chart that division sums up made optimal comment.

"30 and stand " and do not stand

If say, that theory of aperture old master too the agricultural society system with backward with a view to, so, nowadays of place be current " the profession plans " it is Confucius theory in current society brand-new unscramble.

The characteristic of the buyer's market of current job field makes more and more people feel pressure is increased, be in in succession against a rainy day, imperceptible feeling quiet reachs a crisis however. The age that belongs to physiology phenomenon originally also by socialization, and become " age crisis " start.
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