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Graduate, you have do a profession to plan
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Current, be the gold season that college graduate applies for a job, cold window mug of more than 10 years, be about to leave nowadays the tower of ivory, trend society. Obtain employment, live, development... take infatuate boundless and indistinct and fear, on talent market and website of each old talented person, it is the form of undergraduates everywhere. A lot of people made resume of more than 100 to apply for a job at a heat even, go out oneself resume deliver like sending the handbill, can be success of to apply for a job is very few however. Alone beautiful adviser from inside numerous client, chose have representative case, share everybody, hope graduate friends are caused take seriously.

Case fluoroscopy:

For Miss Zhang that learns to hold actor concurrently to tasting, to apply for a job should be successful issue, learned accountant is professional, undergraduate course record of formal schooling. Be in the school all the time is her of class cadre, it is parental a beloved daughter, the teacher's favorite pupil, among the classmate the delegate of advanced type!

Miss Zhang that lives in Hangzhou is graduated from peaceful wave university this year, parents is an intellectual, after she graduates, this hope can answer Hangzhou to take an institution, seek a smooth and steady iron rice bowl-a secure job, with finish parents mind care, hold person try to establish a relationship with sb, get in by the back door in the palm everywhere. But Miss Zhang him young lady feels disgusted very much however to this, in herself heart have idea early, she that not law-abiding heart, right the sort of smooth and steady " mess " distain to be considered already, she wants the original story by oneself, enter a next skies that belong to oneself.

After many setbacks, miss Zhang made resume of his to apply for a job meticulously, move back and forth at Hangzhou next market of each old talented person, but cast a resume that go to be like disappear forever, without a bit echo. Very much not easily two companies invited interview later, but because cannot pass on interview,close again, be defeated below blast come. Miss Zhang laid the view later market of the talent on the net, oneself electronic resume was given out in website of each old talented person, however still effects is very small.

Miss Zhang lost confidence to to apply for a job gradually later, most industry needs to have working experience, small arrive 3 years 5 years, even some experience that need above 10 years, the so high level of position lets her flinch. As her graduate, want how to you just can find oneself satisfactory job after all?

Professional adviser analyses:

The situation of to apply for a job of Miss Zhang can say the model that is state of to apply for a job of instantly college graduate is represented, they just walk out of university school gate, feel very unfamiliar to everything outside. Not familiar to social trade current situation, the thing that also does not know oneself learn is after all in the society potential energy of which industry, which hillock produces effect truly. He is in what the school learns basically is the professional knowledge of sex of a few foundations, and what reach position link up with with current and corresponding industry truly is very little. This namely one of product that at present home should try education.
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