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Make do " small dillydally " N wise move
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How to make do " small dillydally " ? The class is told in nursery school later, before a mother walks up, come, knitting brows to say to me: "My daughter does what business special dillydally, do game, clad take, have a meal wait for an activity to be compared with age the child is a lot of slower, efficiency is particularly poor, how to tell a truth with her she is inexorable go, when following her shout only, her ability fast little, but still be the next time in that way. "

Saying, she cries to a girl that playing by " baby, to mom here come. " after the girl hears, endure gently before we are close, she grows very gentle and quietly, the mother says: "Tell rash teacher, what do you call? " the voice that hears the child is tiny only says: "Graceful. " the mother catchs say: "I am suspicion really because I have a fault to her,be name. "I am suspicion really because I have a fault to her,be name..


A lot of parents are having as same as this mother worry: Child start is too slow, make a thing grind dillydally loiter, leisurely, spend needless time, reduce working efficiency, dress especially take and have a meal wait for the life to provide for oneself respect, appear very dillydally.

The child that becomes oneself follows to be compared with age person photograph appear the start is slow, when the teacher on the class also has such report, the parent should try to take seriously. Because infancy is the important period that the movement develops, the children with slow start often appears easily expression of behavior of not agile, incongruous, affect the body henceforth and intellective development. After going to school, if the rate of feigned course of study is too slow, can affect study, rest and normal recreational activities; The start is too slow when taking an exam, did not finish to arrive toward contact the teacher receives the time that coil, bring about achievement to drop; The start is too slow when moving, often cannot conquer adversary, make others banner, these metropolises make the child bears enormous psychological pressure.

The nerve type of slow child often attributes the action relatively quiet and slow model, this is the congenital temperament with child unalterable lifetime, parents can be accepted only to the child's temperament and make the best use of the circumstances; Have again, some children are inherent atmosphere, relatively mature, look before you leap, the thought in working process is very much, because discreet and careful and the start is slow,also meet so, such efficiency instead will be very tall. To this, after the parent needs careful resolution to judge, undertake recuperating to the child's slow coach again.

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Behavioral inexperience is a the start is slow main reason, when the child is small, nerve sarcous activity is not harmonious still, very slow ability wants to be done well when working so, control so that live. As the parent, be necessary to help the child often the circumstances that activate exercises a movement, in order to facilitate nerve muscle of the child gets seasonable harmonious development.
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