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Family education information - outside the home in the home " make up a missed l
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On website of some family education, " on-the-job teacher " on the net " recruit students " . </br>

7 days, reporter to provincial capital a few on-the-job teachers are engaged in paid family education circumstance undertook investigating. Investigate discovery, this kind of state of affairs is not little. </br>

Be engaged in paid division of family education name is very popular </br>

"Seeking family education is not easy thing, the parent seeks a relationship, want to ask fair the backbone teacher that runs key school, want the teacher that is little famous energy of life only, the market is good. " a staff member tells system of provincial capital education the reporter, understand according to her, at present " paid family education " the phenomenon is not scarce, the renown division of a few school is paid of family education market " main force " , school or not know the inside story, or acquiesces. She discloses, pedagogic some is making up a missed lesson inside school after school, some goes to student home making up a missed lesson, also a few do a class in the home, it is commonly 50 yuan / hour. </br>

Do in Jinan groom Mr Liu of the class says, the summer vacation time of Jinan grooms the school is greatly small have more than 100, every school needs 229 teachers, these teachers have an in part is to come from fair education the backbone teacher of school, "Must ask backbone teacher, otherwise grooms the recruit students of the class is very difficult. " </br>

Mr Liu discloses, the teacher that enters family education market has 3 kinds: Grooming of school band class 80, 120 yuan / hour; 45 yuan when go to student home making up a missed lesson / hour; Do a class in the home, teach every time 3 to 4 students, hourly income is controlled 200 yuan. </br>

On net of a few on-the-job teachers " recruit students " </br>

The reporter logged onto website of a few family education, in the family education message that discovers a lot of parents are released in the website, in " ask to the teacher " filled in in one column " on-the-job teacher " , and in the information that a lot of teachers that provide family education release in oneself, mentioned expressly clearly also " undergraduate " or " on-the-job teacher " , a lot of on-the-job teachers left his connection phone. </br>

The reporter hit a few to make clear at will for " on-the-job teacher " family education phone, the phone can put through. " on-the-job teacher " what leave information to say: Oneself are junior high school on-the-job teacher, pursue job of graduation class teaching for years, accumulated rich teaching experience, announced family education price. He tells a reporter in the phone, oneself are on-the-job teacher absolutely, card of the teacher on belt of the meeting when meeting proves the identity. </br>

But reporter discovery, also have among them in school undergraduate sham and on-the-job teacher. One when often make teaching in home tells a reporter in school student, in family education this group, "On-the-job teacher " should compare " in school student " welcome, and collect fees tall. </br>
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