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Family education information - prohibit the teacher is paid open special mess
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Li) the teacher that exists socially at present is organized or participate in this school student paid the circumstance face of family education activity writtens guarantee immediately before one's death. The province that closes a meeting yesterday standing committee of 11 National People's Congress the 4th conference, passed new castigatory " Shaanxi province is carried out < obligation of People's Republic of China teachs a law > method " , put forward to make clear limitation to the relevant behavior of teacher and school. </br>

Method sets, the teacher ought to abide by pedagogic profession ethic, fulfil educational education obligation, what be organized like deregulation or participate in this school student is paid family education activity, in part-time job of managerial orgnaization of outside school society, do some teachings in addition to one's main occupation, will by the county (city, area) educational service is instructed correct, confiscate illegal earning, by the place the school gives disciplinary action. The clue is serious, give dismiss. </br>

Method returns a regulation, the course that the school and teacher ought to set according to the country plans, reasonable arrangement education, reduce student lesson burden, do not get open to collect fees class of sexual take lessons after school, coach class. The teacher ought to care care student, value the student's human dignity, must not discriminate against a student, must not carry out physical punishment to the student, covert physical punishment is other perhaps the behavior that insults character dignity, must not encroach a student to close right increase. </br>

Method undertook to pedagogic rights and interests cogent assure, put forward clearly, the average wage that government of people of prefectural class above ought to assure a teacher not the average wage standard under local officeholder, assure on time sufficient forelock puts pedagogic pay, allowance and policy sex subsidy.

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