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Family education information - university campus from business a group of things
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Expert schoolroom </br>

Hu Rong (Xiamen University sociology fastens department head, professor, rich to guide) </br>

The undergraduate participates in practice to want to have alternative </br>

The undergraduate is made " campus businessman " , main reason comes from two respects: Because domestic economy is not very good,may be on one hand (a few impoverished families that come from a country for instance, tuitional, living cost is not little responsibility to them) , they think earn one's own living, allowance a few charge; Another reason, it is these students want to exercise a few ability, to the society many a little bit are contacted. </br>

But as a whole, no matter they are original what is the purpose, be born in school college or should give priority to with school work, inn opening a network, sell groceries to wait so called " practice " cannot take up too much time. Sincere be said like 3 undergraduates that are interviewed, these " practice " let them acquire a lot of things, but my individual thinks, the practice that the undergraduate participates in should have alternative, because of the thing that can carry out too much, the thing that can acquire is very much also. Deal can be acquired a lot of, but learn beg for food, also can acquire many skill; Go to a company typing make simple record, also can acquire a thing; Society 360, every can acquire many things all right. When the undergraduate is choosing to carry out, due oneself target, the major that understands oneself and society divide the work, impossible whats learn. </br>

The ultimate goal that the undergraduate shares practice should be to learn the thing on book better. The knowledge on book comes as dry as a chiply after all, if sheet learns theory, hard to avoid learns not greatly not firm. E.g. , the student of financial major, if have more specific experience, acquired thing will be more firm. E.g. the student of sociological major, he can choose to participate in the teacher's task, the thing that such acquiring will be more. </br>

Those who differ is professional, have diverse demand to practice, the student should understand him to share the goal of practice, choose to carry out better. If what you attend practice and oneself professional connection is close, this will conduce to you entering duty field quickly earlier; But the practice that you enter and oneself major is without correlation, very it's hard to say is helped to what there is in the future. </br>

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How to make money in school undergraduate? </br>

1, fellowship: The most reliable economy origin. 2, family education: The most familiar profitable pattern. 3, pluralistic teacher: Most be very popular work form. 4, contribute: Make what the person envies open source way most. 5, interpreter: The most graceful profitable way. 6, promote: The job of sex of the richest challenge. 7, investment: The risk is the biggest earn money channel.
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