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Family education information - extracurricular of the Gao Fu that propose a pers
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The extracurricular of high school student that Hangzhou builds school of person high go back to school to set coachs the center will be rolled out recently tall one physics, chemistry coachs class. </br>

Already left at present go out coach class, it is tall respectively the maths of one, English, arrangement is in every Saturday afternoon; The maths of second year in high school, English, every Saturday afternoon; Tall the maths of 3, English, weekly day in the morning; Tall the geography of 3, every Saturday in the evening. New-blown is tall one physics, chemistry coachs course, arrangement is in weekly day in the morning. </br>

Coach central chief says, the personalized extracurricular that the center rolls out coachs to differ with the generalization family education of outside school. Have to every grade on education emphasize particularly on: Low paragraph, basically emphasize particularly on impart method; Of the middle emphasize particularly on arouse interest, check leakage fill a vacancy; Tall paragraph emphasize particularly on to be applied integratedly. Coach new tax does not go up in the process, also not be simple review. The content of teacher basis new course, classify opens a subject, help student widens intellectual face.

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