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Family education information - lunar income manage money matters of 17000 yuan o
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□ Wen Xing
Ms. Wang this year 39 years old, currently hold the post ofmanager of some company project, lunar income 7000 yuan; The gentleman is 40 years old, manager of some firm branch, lunar income 10000 yuan; In addition, he still has award is total end of the year 10 thousand yuan or so. Husband and wife two be away on official business usually more, company of cost bussiness trip gives submit an expense account. There are 12 years old of boys in the home, going up elementary school 5 grade. The child is learning piano at present, family education expense 2000 yuan / month.
At present the parents of Ms. Wang and gentleman lives together. Value of the house property in the home 400 thousand yuan, borrow money among them remaining sum 250 thousand yuan, expenditure of every months of domesticity 4500 yuan, loan month offers 2000 yuan. The home has till and current deposit 30 thousand yuan, time deposit 120 thousand yuan. Ms. Wang and gentleman all have social security and insurance of compensatory medical treatment, oneself still had bought Ms. Wang to keep the specified number 100 thousand yuan serious illness risk, but two old people are ensured without medical treatment, the body is at present healthy still.
Ms. Wang wants to send the child to go abroad in the future study abroad, resemble her excuse me such family, how is conduct financial transactions compared appropriate?
Financial analysis
Current, this family income a year aggregate about 214000 yuan, annual basic life expense, still borrow and come of child education expense is controlled 102000 yuan, consider annual other and extra pay to make an appointment with 10000 yuan again, an annual cash balance is Ms. Wang husband and wife about 102000 yuan. Existing capital 150000 yuan, all deposit money for bank deposit.
Although Ms. Wang family has the loan that buy a house, but from its income treats current asset condition still is quite safe. Existing capital structure is more onefold, financial capital did not set investment rise in value, more conservative, gain profit ability is very weak.
Proposal of conduct financial transactions
Build the child to teach fund
At present the child is going up elementary school 5 grade, the need inside 7 years when begin from now so is annual from the lay off in balance income a capital, use at establishing educational fund of the child, so that graduate in high school from time to tome enough capital surplus studies abroad for its.
The fixed income that suggests Ms. Wang can throw fixed capital every year to buy low risk kind the product acts as educational capital of the child, year of predicted yield be in 4% the left and right sides. Suppose after 7 years, the capital that Ms. Wang needs 500000 yuan goes abroad for the child study abroad, according to 7 years period, fold lead 4% computation now, annual annuity is 62000 yuan about, namely Ms. Wang is annual (year end) need throws 62000 yuan the child teach fund, ability accumulates 500000 yuan to go abroad for the child when high school of the child after 7 years graduates study abroad, teach fund to this, ms. Wang can consider to buy bond fund or national debt bond.
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