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Family education information - college graduate obtain employment is difficult,
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Guiyang city will be held September college graduate obtain employment served lunar activity 2008. Can go up in spot invite applications for a job, graduate of a lot of colleges plaints: "Obtain employment is difficult, be in hard without working experience. Be in hard without working experience..
Zhang Jing is major of law of Guizhou Normal University graduate 2008, she sought the job of a few months, discovery is particularly difficult. She tells a reporter, unit of choose and employ persons likes to have the person of working experience now.
Zhang Jing says, she experienced the short-term and professional exercitation of two months only, had not been familiar with real operation to go again, the sales promotion experience that also plays businessman of a few societies during school, had gone up to the student family education, hair publicizes sheet to wait too, but unit of choose and employ persons is not to need such " experience " . She rambled in talent market circuit, discovery and the position with professional and relevant law, and ask record of formal schooling of Master graduate student. Then she decides to apply for figure of center of sale of Guizhou of limited company of dress of head of Macao old person to guide buy.
She is turn for eventually after 20 minutes, after going in came out very quickly. "Of their invite applications for a job is the person that brand dress sells experience. " she looks all over the face lose, "Will look tomorrow again. "Will look tomorrow again..
The reporter interviewed 10 professional graduate such as the computer, management, advertisement randomly, the view of their answer and Zhang Jing is same, what unit of choose and employ persons values is to have relevant working experience.
"Relevant work experience " in appearing increasingly in position of general rules of invite applications for a job of unit of choose and employ persons to describe. The reporter is met in invite applications for a job the spot investigates unit of person of 17 family expenses to discover randomly, in 63 position description, ask to have relevant work experience occupy 75% . "Have regular job experience " " in black and white " also be it seems that " iron plate nails a hammer " .
Guizhou is silver-colored limited company staff member expresses acerbity salt of special type aluminium, because be a branch,in short supply person just just comes invite applications for a job, want to enrol so it is OK to do not groom working person, they serve as special industry, instrument technician, cost accountant professional powerful post is to ask to have working experience. The reporter discovers in the spot, compare lay particular stress on administrative post, sale post to working experience, some are connected most the job of basic level also asks to have working experience.
College graduate obtain employment is difficult, just encounter really " experience door " result? Liu Runsheng of standing vice director analyses market of Guiyang city qualified personnel, obtain employment of this year's graduates is difficult, just not be in hard do not have working experience, have a plenty of graduate to be put in the phenomenon of city of center of a kind of tendency when obtain employment. "The enterprise of type of production such as our a few metallurgy, chemical industry is located in outskirt county, but graduate is not willing to go " . "Central city develops a space big, platform is wide, range of obtain employment of ground level city is narrow, development accepts restriction. " Zhang Fang of this year's graduates of college of Guizhou broadcasting television says. Additional, liu Runsheng thinks, when obtain employment, partial undergraduate reachs for what is beyond his grasp, put no less than frame work, ask to manage position into duty field, the ability that does not have him basis completely has exact fixed position.
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