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Family education information - awkward country stays behind playhouse
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</br> of Fan Xia of reporter of □ our newspaper

Core clew </br>

City of the inn that be stationed in a horse makes the same score prefectural farmer Li Guanpeng to do playhouse staying behind oneself on the west, drew a variety of doubt however: It is the villager initiative to money, still violate compasses collect fees? Be to disturb business does nursery school market or altruistic and consecratory love? A series of contradiction and problem, make Li Guanpeng deep-set among them. </br>

At present our country has rural children staying behind nearly 20 million, henan saves rural children staying behind to have 2.54 million about, issue of the safety of children staying behind, education is increasingly outstanding. In recent years, social all circles is active initiate playhouse, the hope borrows this to solve and partake a few contradiction. But Li Guanpeng encounters from what do playhouse staying behind, the education that means rural children staying behind and management still the question is great. </br>

Black door " playhouse staying behind " </br>

On September 24 morning, a little cloudy sky waves from time to time sprinkle. Li Guanpeng one big early take a friend by the way car, buy a book from the bookshop that smooth county drives Zhengzhou to on the west. </br>

"Buy a few textbook that learn phonetics. " Li Guanpeng says, have many wanting that go up next year the child of elementary school, need teachs ahead of schedule teach phoneticize. </br>

Li Guanpeng of 30 years old is thin, business suit puts on some ramshackle, appear it seems that want than actual age a few smaller. Conversation is fast and urgent, mention oneself to do especially " playhouse staying behind " , the mood is more excited. </br>

On July 1, 2007, li Guanpeng is in prefectural basin is made the same score on the west one did on Yao Xiang ave " playhouse staying behind " , special and free outside receiving parents to go out, work, follow kin life in the home 0 - 6 years old of children. Li Guanpeng organizes children to learn Gu Zheng, dancing to wait, also teach them literacy knowledge. Skill of established children staying behind is round, holiday is returned in one's near neighbors 8 villages make one's rounds acts, reputation is very big. </br>

However, playhouse staying behind is mere open a year superabundant, offend gave many troubles. Say exactly, this playhouse staying behind hangs out his shingle the following day, encountered concerned branch comes to close down, be announced to be " illegal " . </br>

"Advocate if say we stay behind,playhouse was not registered, illegimate. " Li Guanpeng says. </br>

Because was not registered, playhouse staying behind was become " black door " . "I am not to be not registered, it is not to know to be registered how, go where doing this procedure. " Li Guanpeng says, taking oneself concerned stuff at the outset, went bureau of prefectural civil administration, prefectural education bureau, can be informed to be absent this branch registers limits in. </br>
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