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Family education information - provincial capital bridge on the west area " bene
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</br> of Wang Likun of our newspaper reporter

October 11 is Saturday, this day one big early, live in provincial capital bridge the Zhang Liwen of the area got up early on the west, she should play the bridge on the west of area charity association " beneficent classroom " . "The uncle aunt of association looked for undergraduate volunteer to us, help homework of my obligation take lessons after school, class of the first sky me but cannot be late. " </br>

That day morning, the reporter also comes to the bridge on the west area charity association " beneficent classroom " schoolteaching dot, right now already 11 classmates wait in the classroom, the parent of a few pupil also was driven come over. 9 when the left and right sides, 11 volunteers of Heibei Normal University also come to schoolteaching dot, very fast, their everybody found the fellow student that he should coach, type of solicit comments of compulsory family education began. Among them, of Zhang Liwen coach the teacher is institute of transmission of news of Heibei Normal University Kong Jiao of 2 grade student, "I want to let a teacher help my take lessons after school or work maths and Chinese, I understand some places not quite. " Zhang Liwen tells a reporter, kong Jiao and their teacher are told euqally well. </br>

According to the bridge the staff member of beneficent association introduces on the west, "Beneficent classroom takes community " main content of the activity is area under administration namely low the child that protects a family provides man-to-man compulsory family education, let the chance that their child also can get extracurricular coachs thereby. "We were in last year Zhongshan, south grew two street agency to do pilot, the parents that joined mirror child achievement to rise many, installed 5 to give lessons in whole area this year so dot, it is house of region of Anxi of beneficent association schoolteaching dot, pagoda tree respectively appoint the village resides meeting, Xi Ya appoint meeting, friendship is street agency and Yuan Dong agency. " should attend " beneficent classroom " low protect a family to use the means that signs up of one's own accord, always share 61 students to ask to attend at present " beneficent classroom " .

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