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Family education information - silent it is gold
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Qi Jiannan, the garden austral the word, date too boat lay Buddhist, fasten arrange neat 2, 2 south. Shanxi Yu second person, was born 1958, be graduated from woodcut of central academy of fine arts is, reside Beijing now. At ordinary times with painting and calligraphy from amusement, enter all sorts of society activities absolutely less. Sexual Geng Jie, good read light reading, happy event travel faraway, not good at one's words, play addlehead. Humanness is straight-out, not plan fame and gain, painting and calligraphy does not have faction, the style does not have Gu Jin. The gender sees along with the heart in the life, drink the quantity does not have addiction, brushwork chases after highbrow art and literature continuously, make popular literature or art of friendly not stint. When idle close gawkish, busy when show brash. Do not lower his head to also be not admired inspect, can conservative can innovate. Most letter big science disappears at ordinary times bizarre, feel really clever be indifferent to contented. It is on art " beneficent person without amount to mark " , it is in the life " get this in order to do not have a thing to be born alone " . </br>

Beijing " answer sex is artistic " magazine Fu Hong: ≪/br>

Ceng Yuren of neat sword Nan writes on content picture preface and postscript: Hold high call cure of ü  outskirt billows Yao  merchant? of  of  of  of  of  of  of Nao of  the first month " Chinese hackberrya of his calligraphy rate meaning, clumsy, Gu Hou, the person that watch hereat the distinguishing feature that its China draws Yi Ke infer. </br>

The scholar hears more than 1 had said: Eight partridge Jia casts in person  ; W of frame of W of  of  of accent of word of   exhaust casts  ; Xi of account of bowstring of swollen Gu of   coffin solemn error of Yi Qin of  of part of the day of hook of ⒄ of the  that punish  scoops up? of Ju of  of  of  of vinegar of account of bursa of an ancient nationality in China to draw hook in word, make the picture broke away from the orbit of the picture, and produced us the bookman picture that this has distinctive way. " Qi Jiannan's landscape painting is this kind " the bookman of individual style of work is drawn " , have Puhe's clumsy, black Zai Zhirun, refined Gao Gu, afford for thought, have appreciate and the value that collect extremely. </br>

I do not know what life means to others, to me character is living. Do not have thing stipple, writing braille is for divert oneself from boredom. I also did not consider establish one's reputation as an authority of what, because present a person of academic or artistic distinction is too much. Slope lay Buddhist says Tao Yuan east bright " get this in order to do not have a thing to be born alone " , this is my current life condition, I rejoice to have in life so a few years " rehabilitate " , but I do not hope others " concealed " word of and so on is taken for thing, that is at present I am in to life in understanding a process be at ease and detached. In the instantly of selfish desire crosscurrent, people more and more acquire wealth and position of scholarly honour and official rank by hook and crook, humanitarian concept, "Instantly " it is the poorest period. Because there already was not conscience of person examine orally now, already did not do accomplish sth by conscience. The bookman in the past most tell integrity, wu Peifu is warlord, the door front courtyard of his home is being written however " thirsty not drink pilfer spring, heat does not cease evil shade of a tree " such backboned couplet language. Now the bookman of the day " identify money only, no matter Wei Jin " . So I know this a few years to won't again everybody appears, prep let alone is " Great Master " , " great master " . </br>
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