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Family education information - why does the child love " vie " ?
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Taiwan Strait net on October 17 dispatch (Ming Xiaoli of reporter of channel gazette learn on job / article Lin Jingyi / graph) before term begins, if children raise a requirement to the parent: "I want new clothes, new shoes, new satchel... " the parent nods can bear, but after term begins, if child returns the home to say to parents: "I want dictionary of mobile phone, electron, MP4... my classmate had. " when the child raises similar requirement, can you satisfy the child? Recently, ms. Dong to just went up one grade begins love and young associate before long " vie " the daughter is being perplexed. </br>

The parent tells about </br>

Discipline of small off year begins " vie " </br>

Ms. Dong (elementary school parent of one grade student) </br>

Daughter Bei Bei enters elementary school to already had a many month. At the beginning, because changed new environment, the child follows young associate not ripe, the main energy of our parent also is to be put in this above, often tell with the child should play together with the classmate more, bought snacks to let her take the school to be shared together with the classmate to the child even with promotional feeling. Later, gradually, children are ripe subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy rises, the daughter appears alone no longer, my concern also begins to disappear. </br>

But, making what my expect is less than is, the daughter comes back to say to want the writing case with beautiful jade of classmate beautiful jade a few days ago, those who say a fellow student is more beautiful. Term begins because of ability before long, the stationery that acquires to the child is new, I did not agree, did not think of she cries actually be troubled by rise. There also has been the toy that sees a little girl when the nursery school on the child beautiful and wanted business, but we think to did not concern in those days, because the child is small, pure, and the child likes beautiful thing, this is no wonder also. </br>

But the child is brought up every day, her behavior, thought, even character is formed in a day of heaven and earth. Remember the child of kin home, I begin concern, do not know this how does ability teach good child, make her healthy grow. The son of my cousin attends this year first 2, cousin husband and wife two it is to be very fond of this singleton very, any his requirements, u dish, plane of MP3, mobile phone, sport... want condition of the economy in the home to allow only, can give contented. Once I kiss to mock him to coach actually to him soon the undergraduate of the homework, the U that before saying this family education a few years, buys dish " memory is too small, too too outdated, vulgar " , more indrawn undergraduate face at a draught red. </br>

Although my home Bei Bei just misses one year now, or " small do not nod " , but after this thing happening thinking she will raise more requirements henceforth all the time in my brain, can you compare this to compare that with the classmate, can you resemble her elder brother in that way?
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