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Family education information - in college poverty of Ning Bo 150 times the under
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Report from our correspondent because family circumstances poor, on one hand they vacate time everywhere part-work and part-study system, on the other hand, they learn hard in order to get of all kinds scholarship. But even if is such, tuition and daily living expenses still let young they can't bear heavy burden. We exaggerate innocently the difficulty that lays miserably, but the obstacle in becoming their growing process really miserably. Help them, the will be them lifetime of the change. Today, total meeting and our newspaper spread out city charity the 6th times together " rainbow is aided learn " the action, 150 taste those who learn to hold actor concurrently to be born in poverty of college of another name for Ningbo, expect enthusiastic personage comes to the society be aided. </br>

In looking for the process that is born miserably this, the reporter notices, these 150 family cases that lay in poverty of college of another name for Ningbo are very similar. The parents of most student double die or one party decease, some parental deformity or one party deformity, some parents weigh disease to just perhaps contract heavy disease. Face the difficulty of domestic misfortune and family circumstances, the students of poor still try hard, they are tasted learn to hold actor concurrently, be full of a hope to the life. </br>

Meanwhile, reporter concentration passes to been accept 20 times " rainbow is aided learn " the undergraduate that the action helps had pay a return visit. Among them, enter work-study program have 19 people, obtain those who get scholarship to have 13 people, 11 people can be accomplished not homeward in want living cost. </br>

"Although I had not seen you, but I thank you. " impoverished unripe Xiaoyang says, this is a word that she likes most. Just graduate this year the Xiaoyang that have a job, be " rainbow is aided learn " one of person be benefited of the action. Accepted 3 years aid financially, she had not seen the enthusiastic person that has helped her all the time. "Your help, very important to us, we can be thankful all one's life. " Xiaoyang says, although do not have ability to be aided like these enthusiastic people now,learn, but she has been passed enter volunteer activity, the knot was opposite a Gu is old, use double cease day goes accompanying protect an old person. "This is love. When I am the most difficult, social church my what is love. " become enamoured ground is opposite Xiaoyang reporter say. </br>

We are expecting you to sow more love. You can pass bearer or charity of Xiang Ningbo city always meets the incoming telegram the knot helps these poor students to admitting. </br>

Stipend forehead: Each every school year 3000 yuan. </br>

Aid school year to be restricted: Aid financially since this school year commonly till its read an university. </br>

Charity of peaceful wave city always meets address: On the west river street 74 5 buildings. </br>
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